NewMe Fitness Unveils New Stretching Exercise Poster Exclusively on Amazon

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Illustrated poster helps ensure proper muscle stretching before a workout! NewMe Fitness has just added a new a fully-illustrated and laminated exercise poster, which focuses on stretching specific muscles before engaging in a workout. The Stretching Exercise Poster features 53 stretching exercises targeting every muscle group in the entire body! This latest addition to the ever-growing NewMe Fitness line of exercise products was designed to help individuals decrease the risk of injury during a workout, as well as increase range-of-motion for a superior workout experience. Through clear illustrations, users can use the poster to also increase energy, build stamina, reduce stress and lower unhealthy cholesterol levels all while improving posture and supporting healthy blood circulation.

Oakland, CA (PRUnderground) October 31st, 2016

Known for popular fitness posters and exercise products, NewMe Fitness has just added a critically important new poster to their existing lineup. The laminated Stretching Exercise Poster features all of the value and quality one has come to expect from this popular fitness retailer. The 20”x30” stretching poster features a grand total of 53 stretching exercises designed to prepare individual muscles for a rigorous workout while reducing the risk of injury.

One reason why reviewers consistently give high ratings to NewMe Fitness products is because their posters and workout cards are so easy to follow. The Stretching Exercise Poster continues in this tradition in that its visual design is quite clear and concise. Each of the 53 stretching exercises is illustrated in perfect detail and shows which specific muscles are being targeted during every stretch. The poster is also organized according to muscle groups so that a user can select an area of focus and begin stretching right away.

One early reviewer, a doctor of chiropractic known as Dr. Danny on Amazon, describes the Stretching Exercise Poster as “perfect” and states that it has many of the stretches that he recommends “to people to maximize proper body function.” According to his review, Dr. Danny is quite satisfied with the sturdy lamination covering the poster, as well as the illustrations showing “the targeted areas so you know which areas should feel the stretch.”

The guided poster is ideal for home gyms and other indoor workout spaces. Fully laminated, it is printed in the USA with blue metallic ink and premium offset printing. Certified trainers with more than 15 years experience in the fitness industry also enthusiastically endorse the Stretching Exercise Poster as they have done with all other NewMe Fitness products currently on the market.

NewMe Fitness offers the Stretching Exercise Poster to the public in an effort to help people who workout without a trainer do so while minimizing the risk of injury. By stretching muscles before engaging in a workout, users can create greater range-of-motion and flexibility, as well as reduce the amount of soreness that may be felt after exercising. Stretching before a workout has been known to improve athletic performance and posture while also helping to promote good blood circulation. With a strong focus on home gym exercising, this latest poster fits nicely with NewMe Fitness’ other products such as the Kettlebell Workout Poster and the Dumbbell Workout Exercise Poster.

The Stretching Exercise Poster can be purchased on where it is currently being offered at a low introductory price. As with all NewMe Fitness products, the poster is being offered with a full money-back guarantee.

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