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Founded in 2020, Atolea is an Ocean-inspired jewelry brand designed and developed by Clem and Elisa, two Ocean lovers who wanted to bring the essence of the ocean into modern jewelry. Atolea captures the strength, beauty, mystery, and wonder of the ocean in countless chic and timeless pieces. All Atolea collections are masterfully crafted with passion and precision to ensure durability and strength while leveraging the finest materials on the market. Waterproof, hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, strong, and tarnish-resistant. Dedicated to cultivating lasting change, Atolea donates a portion of monthly profits to a non-profit environmental organization working towards the mission of preserving and protecting the ocean, beaches, and the waves.


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Meet Atolea: The Ocean-Inspired Jewelry Brand Making Waves in the Industry With Its Waterproof and Affordable Jewelry

More Released on December 20, 2022