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CurcumaxxC+ develops and offers a range of food supplements, mainly composed of curcumin (active principle of Turmeric ) and Curcuminoids.


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CurcuMAXX C+ President: Curcumin’s Health Benefits Go Beyond Joint Pain

More Released on March 29, 2023

CurcuMAXX C+ for Joint Pain May Also Help Revive the Skin

More Released on March 23, 2023

CurcuMAXX C+ CEO: Curcumin is the Key Ingredient in Dietary Supplement for Joint Pain and Mobility Issues

More Released on March 2, 2023

CurcuMAXX C+ CEO: Common Joint Pain Caused by Arthritis

More Released on February 28, 2023

CurcuMAXX C+ CEO: Curcumin’s Medicinal Uses Date Back Centuries

More Released on February 21, 2023

Curcumin Helps Reduce Inflammation

More Released on February 7, 2023

CurcuMAXX C+ CEO: More Americans are Health-Conscious Because of the Pandemic

More Released on January 26, 2023

CurcuMAXX C+ With Curcumin May Help Fight Damage Done by Free Radicals

More Released on January 18, 2023

CurcuMAXX C+ CEO: The Gift of Health is the Best Gift to Give in 2023

More Released on December 28, 2022

CurcuMAXX C+ for Joint Pain is Available on and

More Released on November 30, -0001