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Ekodome is a Brooklyn, NY-based start-up company designing and manufacturing self-assembly Geodesic Dome Kits to help homes and landowners worldwide easily and affordably build multipurpose spaces like greenhouses, glamping pods, dining rooms, storage sheds, and much more. The company was founded as Excolere LLC (dba Ekodome) by Sinan Halic, a Turkish descent maker artist living in New York who spent nearly a decade working on geodesic dome structures. His vision was to create modular living spaces by combining function, quality, design, and value – always with sustainability in mind. That is how Ekodome® was designed in the first place. Ekodome’s mission is to contribute worldwide efforts in creating better habitats for the future based on sustainability principles.


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A New Era of Modern Innovation: Ekodome’s DIY Geodesic Dome Kits Are Captivating Millions For Their Sleek Design and Easy Set-Up

More Released on September 8, 2022