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EVEAGE is a brand specializing in the design and distribution of the industry’s finest pressure washer cleaning garden tools. Focused on portable and mini garden tools and accessories, EVEAGE was founded to make gardening work easier for everyone. Since its establishment, EVEAGE has been adhering to the brand concept of making boring garden tasks fun, simple and natural garden decoration, and bringing spiritual pleasure to people through garden products. Founded by John, a farmer with a passion for creating artistry through lawn and home care, EVEAGE was created to bring high-tech, easy and affordable tools to everyday consumers. Renowned for their electric pressure washer surface cleaner, EVEAGE is taking the home improvement and lawn care industry by storm with passion, precision, and pride.


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A New Era of Home Improvement: How EVEAGE is Changing the Industry with Cutting-Edge Technology and Unparalleled Innovation

More Released on November 3, 2022