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GM Law Firm is a consumer advocacy law firm based in Boca Raton, Florida, that empowers clients battling credit card, private student loan and medical debt to fight for their rights and help negotiate a satisfactory debt resolution. The experienced attorneys from the GM Law Firm also legally protect clients against harassing debt collectors and provide a customized strategy for debt defense. Contact GM Law Firm ( for a consultation.


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GM Law Firm Continues To Prevail In The Fight Against Consumer Debt

More Released on January 26, 2021

GM Law Firm Enlists A New Consumer Protection Law To Help Prevent Debt Lawsuits

More Released on November 20, 2020

GM Law Firm Fights Medical Debt During COVID-19

More Released on July 28, 2020

GM Law Firm Helps Consumers Defend Debt Collection Lawsuits

More Released on January 16, 2020

GM Law Firm Helps Fight Private Student Loan Debt

More Released on December 18, 2019

GM Law Firm Resolves Debt Through Federal Consumer Protection Violations

More Released on November 26, 2019

GM Law Firm Protects Your Rights to Fight Harassing Debt Collectors

More Released on October 16, 2019