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Headquartered in Wills Point, Texas, Gospel for Asia (GFA World, is a leading faith-based mission agency, helping national workers bring vital assistance and spiritual hope to millions across Asia, especially to those who have yet to hear about the love of God. In GFA’s latest yearly report, this included more than 70,000 sponsored children, free medical camps conducted in more than 1,200 villages and remote communities, over 4,800 clean water wells drilled, over 12,000 water filters installed, income-generating Christmas gifts for more than 260,000 needy families, and spiritual teaching available in 110 languages in 14 nations through radio ministry. For all the latest news, visit our Press Room at


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Widows Catapulted Into 'Crisis of Survival' Says Gospel for Asia

More Released on September 25, 2020

Gospel for Asia Helps Hundreds of Local Texas Families With COVID-19 Food Relief

More Released on July 30, 2020

Gospel for Asia Says 'World’s Biggest Lockdown' Enters Critical Phase Amid Starvation Fears

More Released on April 21, 2020

Gospel for Asia Mobilizes 'Free Store' To Aid Starving Families in South Asia Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

More Released on April 17, 2020

New Book by Gospel for Asia Founder Encourages Church to ‘Never Give Up’

More Released on April 14, 2020

Gospel for Asia Calls for Prayer for Coronavirus During Lent

More Released on February 24, 2020

Gospel for Asia’s Reminder of a Most Misunderstood Disease

More Released on January 28, 2020

Gospel for Asia Unleashes Compassion in Fight Against Leprosy

More Released on January 24, 2020

Gospel for Asia’s Christmas Campaign Offers Gift of Hope to ‘Unwanted’ Children

More Released on December 13, 2019

Gospel for Asia Says ‘Horror Story’ of Violence Against Women Must End

More Released on November 22, 2019

Gospel for Asia’s ‘Forgotten Christmas’ Unwraps Gift of Compassion

More Released on November 13, 2019

Extreme Poverty ‘Public Enemy Number One’ Says Gospel for Asia

More Released on October 24, 2019

Gospel for Asia Offers ‘Top Tips’ To Fight Global Poverty

More Released on October 17, 2019

Gospel for Asia Takes ‘Hands-On’ Approach to Saving Lives

More Released on October 11, 2019

Girls Saved From Possible ‘Fate Worse Than Death’ Says Gospel for Asia

More Released on October 4, 2019

Literacy Is ‘Miracle Cure’ Releasing Women from Poverty Says Gospel for Asia Report

More Released on September 6, 2019

Gospel for Asia Observes Labor Day September 2, 2019

More Released on August 30, 2019

Gospel for Asia Launches Bicycle Drive To Bring Compassion To Those In Need

More Released on August 29, 2019

‘Jesus Wells’ Quench Thirst of Thousands in India Water Crisis, Reports Gospel For Asia

More Released on August 23, 2019

On Annual World Mosquito Day, Gospel for Asia Highlights Work To Combat Malaria

More Released on August 20, 2019

Gospel for Asia Observes World Humanitarian Day August 19, 2019

More Released on August 19, 2019

Gospel for Asia Supported Churches Caught in Monsoon Flooding

More Released on August 16, 2019

Gospel for Asia Exposes The Acceleration Of Modern Day Slavery

More Released on August 7, 2019

Gospel for Asia Urges Prayer as Water Crisis Threatens Millions In Asia

More Released on July 24, 2019

New Gospel for Asia Report Urges Action to Curb Child Labor

More Released on July 18, 2019

Gospel for Asia Marks 40 Years of ‘Revolution in World Missions’ on July 3rd.

More Released on July 3, 2019

Gospel for Asia Stands Up for ‘Shunned and Shamed’ Women on International Widows Day, June 23

More Released on June 21, 2019

Upcoming Gospel for Asia Report Spotlights 200 Million Children Trapped in Child Labor Industry

More Released on June 10, 2019

Gospel for Asia Spotlights 100 Million ‘Missing Women’ in Shocking Global Report

More Released on May 9, 2019

Gospel for Asia Makes Mothers’ Day Memorable

More Released on May 8, 2019

Gospel For Asia Announces one of its Social Workers Loses Five Relatives in Sri Lanka Bombing

More Released on April 28, 2019

Gospel for Asia Founder K.P. Yohannan Mourns the Deaths of Nearly 300 on Easter Sunday

More Released on April 24, 2019

Gospel for Asia Takes Aim at Malaria ‘Menace’ as part of Global Push to Curb Deadly Disease

More Released on April 22, 2019

Easter Services at Gospel for Asia

More Released on April 18, 2019

Gospel for Asia to Observe World Health Day on April 7th

More Released on April 5, 2019

Gospel for Asia Spotlights Chronic Water Shortages during World Water Day March 22nd

More Released on March 20, 2019

'Dying of Thirst:' Gospel for Asia Highlights Global Water Crisis

More Released on March 5, 2019

Gospel for Asia Highlights Injustice of Extreme Poverty in Asia on World Day of Social Justice

More Released on February 20, 2019

Gospel for Asia Marks World Leprosy Day with Special Report on Ministry to Asia's Marginalized

More Released on January 28, 2019

Gospel for Asia Spotlights Special Report on the 70th Anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights

More Released on December 12, 2018

Gospel for Asia's Forgotten Christmas’ campaign remembers those in Desperate Need

More Released on December 10, 2018

For Gospel for Asia, Education is one of the Keys to Ending World Poverty

More Released on November 22, 2018

Marginalized Communities Welcome Gospel for Asia's Sanitation Facilities

More Released on November 19, 2018

Gospel for Asia Partners Participated in Serving Others on World Food Day

More Released on October 25, 2018

With a simple bar of soap, Gospel for Asia helps to improve the lives of those on the margins

More Released on October 21, 2018

Gospel for Asia Supported Workers Rescue Stranded, Provide Emergency Supplies for India Flood Victims

More Released on August 22, 2018

Gospel for Asia Launches Groundbreaking Way to Partner in Their Mission

More Released on August 1, 2018

Gospel for Asia Highlights the Injustice of Human Trafficking in a Major New Report

More Released on July 26, 2018

On the Front Lines of Women’s Empowerment and Providing Clean Water, Gospel for Asia Celebrates Its 39th Anniversary by Releasing 2017 Highlights

More Released on July 19, 2018

Gospel for Asia Honors Widows on International Widows’ Day

More Released on July 13, 2018

Gospel for Asia Sounds the Alarm of Millions Still at Risk from Malaria

More Released on April 20, 2018

Gospel for Asia School of Discipleship Early Bird Registration Deadline Is April 15

More Released on April 5, 2018

GFA Founder, KP Yohannan, Is Evangelical Columnist on Patheos

More Released on March 27, 2018

Gospel for Asia Reveals Scope of the Global Water Crisis

More Released on March 22, 2018

Gospel for Asia Highlights 'Silent Suffering' of Women Around the World on International Women's Day

More Released on March 7, 2018

Gospel for Asia Dedicated to Lifting Poor Out of Poverty Highlights Complexity of Underlying Issues

More Released on February 23, 2018

Health Crisis Solution in Gospel for Asia's Special Report Opens Doors to God's Love for the Poor

More Released on February 8, 2018

Internationally Renowned Mission Leader to Speak at Gospel for Asia Wills Point Event

More Released on January 31, 2018

Gospel for Asia Reaffirms Commitment to Help Eradicate Poverty

More Released on December 22, 2017

Through Gospel for Asia’s ‘Christmas Gift Catalog,’ Holiday Giving Can Change Lives

More Released on December 19, 2017

Gospel for Asia’s Christmas Gift Catalog Has Been Part of Helping 1.5 Million Families in Asia

More Released on December 15, 2017

Gospel for Asia-supported Teams Alleviate Hunger to the Undernourished

More Released on November 2, 2017