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Established by a team of art market insiders and tech innovators, LiveArt is a leading global art platform that blends innovative technology with intimate knowledge of the art market to put collectors and artists in control. LiveArt provides collectors unmatched access to proprietary pricing data and market insights so they can buy and sell artworks with confidence, discretion, and efficiency. The AI-powered data platform is the preeminent destination for art market data and analysis, live auction streaming, real-time and historic pricing information, detailed analysis of artist and market trends, and financial and cultural context. LiveArt’s digital peer-to-peer marketplace provides for ultimate discretion, allowing users to determine how much information about their identity and works of art is disclosed. LiveArt NFT is LiveArt’s end-to-end web3 solution for minting and selling NFTs, which equips artists and collaborators with comprehensive rights management and unbreakable resale royalties. Artists can mint their works in the Creator Hub, and collectors can access a curated selection of only the best artworks on the LiveArt NFT Marketplace. The White Label Suite enables galleries and museums to launch and manage their own NFT marketplaces, or work with the LiveArt NFT Studio and its partners to curate and market drops.


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