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Mehraban Advisory Group, LLC brings the knowledge, experience and expertise to advise, coach and assist individuals and companies in developing, implementing, and monitoring IT strategies. With the ongoing and rapid growth of AI, IoT, ML, DL along with the ever imminent and speedy expansion of digital economy, Mehraban Advisory Group. LLC focuses on the many challenges that face individuals and organizations, especially small businesses with less access to capital and other resources. Through professional and systematic approach, the company provides innovative and strategic direction for policies, data privacy, ownership, and operational support to navigate the ever- changing landscape of IT, AI, IoT, ML, DL, Digital Economy, Data Ownership and, Legal/Regulatory bodies with emphases on business developmental goals. The company is currently providing services to develop, improve, and mature web-based business operations for small businesses and non-profit organizations.


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Farhad Mehraban
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Mehraban Advisory Group, LLC Appoints Mr. Erik Amaro Lott as Chief Security Officer (CSO)

More Released on November 4, 2021

Farhad Mehraban Advocates The National SBA Priority Issues for the 116th Congress

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Executive Director Farhad Mehraban Named to NSBA Leadership Council

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