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Membit™ is a new way to share memories. When you make a membit, you leave an image in place for other Membit users to find and enjoy. With Membit, you can share the past of a place with the present, or share the present of a place with the future. Membit is a geolocative photo sharing app that allows pictures to be placed and viewed in the exact location they were captured. Membit’s patented Human Positioning System (TM) allows for markerless Augmented Reality to be used anytime, anywhere, by anyone.“About as close as we got to seeing a time machine at TC Disrupt.” One of the 20 most fascinating iOS apps from TechCrunch Disrupt,” MacWorld. Membit is available for iphone and ipad. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @membitinc for updates and for more information, please visit us at


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