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Eighteen year old Samantha Sarelli is the reigning Miss Connecticut Teen USA 2020. She is a rising sophomore at Trinity College who plans to double major in Economics and Political Science with a minor in Human Rights. After graduation, Samantha hopes to attend Yale Law School to pursue a career as a civil rights attorney. As a first generation Albanian American, she is proud of her Albanian family and heritage. Samantha speaks three languages. Her two main causes that she supports are Bullying and human trafficking prevention. She created the Instagram account “Spread Kindness with Sam” to share inspiring stories and spread awareness of people who have been bullied. Samantha also started a video series called “Human Trafficking: Victims without Voices” to shed light on this global phenomenon impacting women and children around the world. She is an avid activist against human trafficking.


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Humanity in Crisis: Miss Connecticut Teen USA 2020 Leads Human Trafficking Forum

More Released on July 27, 2020