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Pirate Chain is a digital currency designed with the mission to protect financial privacy, and we would like to invite you to join us in our movement. Pirate Chain is the first cryptocurrency to implement a private-by-default usage of the strongest and most highly acclaimed privacy protocol in the industry, ZK-SNARK (Zero Knowledge-Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge). All $ARRR addresses are invisible to the public, as are all transactions. This information is only available to the transacting parties who retain the power to opt-out of privacy by revealing the transaction ID as proof of transaction. Hence, Pirate Chain turns the privacy industry on its head, and returns the power of privacy to users by empowering them with the option to opt-out. Every transaction is encrypted in Pirate Chain’s infinitely growing anonymity set, notably, the largest of its kind in the industry. The anonymity set can be followed live here, $ARRR is secured by dPoW (delayed proof of work), which indexes the Pirate blockchain onto Litecoin and Komodo’s blockchain, rendering it nearly impossible to be attacked. $ARRR was fairly launched in 2018 with no premine and no block tax.


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