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Prism is an independent and nonprofit news outlet led by journalists of color. We report from the ground up: to disrupt harmful narratives, and to inform movements for justice. Through in-depth and thought-provoking journalism, Prism reflects the lived experiences of people most impacted by injustice. Activists, thought leaders, decision-makers, and those who believe in justice for all come to Prism for deep reporting and honest insights on the most pressing injustices of our time—delivered through the lens of those who are most impacted. Learn more at People over Plastic (PoP) is a media platform for multicultural changemakers to hear powerful, intergenerational, and solutions-oriented conversations that center the intersection between environmental and racial justice. We believe personal stories that center the voices of the most impacted will always be more accurate and humanized, and therefore, more likely to drive meaningful social change. Through in-person storytelling salons, digital media projects, and strategic media campaigns — we tell stories to disrupt harmful narratives and to inform movements for justice. Learn more at


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Prism and People over Plastic Launch Documentary Podcast Humanizing Real Effects of Environmental Racism

More Released on October 4, 2022