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RSL Speaker Systems, also known as Rogersound Labs, started manufacturing and selling specialty loudspeakers in the early 1970’s through its numerous Southern California retail locations. As the industry’s original “Factory-Direct” speaker company, RSL continues this tradition today via its direct-to-consumer model, where its speakers are now available exclusively through their website This factory-direct tradition offers an unmatched value proposition that includes free shipping and a free trial period without the expense of a “middle-man” associated with products sold through conventional retail distribution.


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RSL Speakers Announce the Release of the W25E Reference In-wall L/C/R/SURROUND/ATMOS™ Speaker

More Released on November 14, 2022

RSL Speakers Announces Release of their New CG3M and CG23M Series Bookshelf Speakers

More Released on October 20, 2022

RSL Speakers Announces the Release of their New Speedwoofer 10S MKII

More Released on February 18, 2022

RSL Speakers Announces the Release of their New C34E MKII Premium In-Ceiling Speaker

More Released on January 21, 2022