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Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, SHARE Microtransit offers a transportation solution between mass transportation and individually owned, single-occupancy vehicles. We develop dynamic mobility services to address transportation demands with a goal to increase access in our community while decreasing costs for riders. We know that access to transportation is far from equal, and we strive to break down old-world models to accelerate a change to smarter mobility for communities. Our software allows us to quickly create efficient routes that group together riders going the same way at the same time. SHARE Microtransit services are available through participating employers, schools, municipalities, and senior living communities. SHARE, DBA of AVE AutoMedia Inc, was founded in 2016 with an investment from Jaguar Land Rover. SHARE is a graduate of the 2017 Singularity University Smart City Accelerator. SHARE was recognized at CES 2018 with a $10,000 award from Trend Forward Capital for outstanding automotive innovation. Learn more at


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SHARE Microtransit is Now Driving CoverMyMeds’ Columbus Commuters

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SHARE Microtransit Launches Earth Day Contest Offering $100 in Free Rides

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SHARE Selected as Official Pilot Circulator Partner for City of Dublin’s Senior Community

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SHARE a Ride to the Smart Columbus Experience Center Grand Opening

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SHARE Expands Mobility Services in Columbus with TNC Licensing

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