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The Smart Headgear Sensor is a black-owned hardware start-up dedicated to revolutionizing the sport of fighting. Launching October 3rd, 2022 on Indiegogo, Smart Headgear creates cutting-edge sensors to provide real-time feedback on Boxer’s and MMA fighter’s performance, how many times they were hit, how many times they hit their opponent, and the impact of each hit. Founded by Rojay Chase, someone who started training pursued a Bachelor’s in Information Technology of Systems from VCU, Smart Headgear was created from personal experience. Seeking a way to provide information on his performance, Rojay leveraged his IT degree and groundbreaking technology to create the Smart Headgear Sensor — effectively changing the face of modern Boxing and MMA for generations to come.


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Ushering in a New Era: How The Smart Headgear is Changing the Face of Modern Boxing and MMA

More Released on October 4, 2022