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Soft Touch is led by husband and wife team Tim and Lynsey Frey. They worked together to develop a product that has people everywhere ranting and raving about it. This amazing foot exfoliating product had its beginning in 2014 in the small town of Hickory N.C. Lynsey, a licensed skin care professional, was on the lookout for the latest developments in skincare treatments and ingredients. She discovered that a combination of pure botanical acids could create a product unmatched in ridding feet of rough heels and stubborn calluses. A product that would leave your feet feeling baby soft without the hassle of useless tools or expensive trips to the spa. Now the product is a huge viral social media success!


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Breakthrough Foot Care Product “Soft Touch Foot Peel Mask” Celebrates Becoming a Viral Social Media Success

More Released on October 10, 2019