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The StrykeZone is a talk show where all areas of life are discussed. The show aims to deliver a modern age of social awareness. The StrykeZone brings guests who are up-and-coming, non-mainstream artists and public figures to showcase what they are all about and let them weigh in on the discussion of the world’s social issues. CJ will also dive into the topics of the entertainment world, including WWE, music, and everything else in-between that catches his attention. The show is not all serious business though. It has its fun factor as well, including making fun of people, places, and things – bringing some massive controversy to the show. Factor in the biased editorials by the host and this show has the ingredients to piss people off. The StrykeZone is rated R, so don’t expect any topics to be sugar-coated!


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'The StrykeZone,' is Returning for a Seventh Season on Saturday, April 18th, 7 pm ET

More Released on April 18, 2020