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TiDev, Inc exists for the following purposes: 1.) To ensure the Titanium SDK is actively maintained and developed for years to come. This means rapid attention to bugs introduced with new iOS/Android updates, as well as addition of features to the SDK that enable full compatibility with new features added to the iOS and Android mobile operating systems. 2.) To actively grow the Titanium developer community. This means organization of paid and volunteer efforts to make our documentation for the SDK amazing, make the technical process for a new programmer to work with the platform as simple as possible, and to encourage/boost/market programmers doing things such as live-streams demonstrating the capabilities of the platform. 3.) To improve the reputation of the Titanium ecosystem. This means showing corporations and programmers alike that this platform is amazing, actively supported, and can be trusted for building new applications. 4.) To create a trusted channel for getting support around the platform. This means marketing the free support provided via TiSlack and StackOverflow, as well as creating a paid enterprise support channel enabling large corporations to purchase dedicated support for the SDK from our core engineers. 5.) To better communicate what modules built for Titanium are actively supported and can be trusted for development. This means keeping an active list somewhere, perhaps on the TiDev website, of what modules (and forks of modules) are actively maintained and useful. Aka, not abandonware.


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Josh Lambert

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