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TriggerMesh’s developer team has extensive experience in building public and private clouds and deploying serverless workloads. TriggerMesh’s multicloud serverless management platform allows developers to deploy and manage functions on the TriggerMesh Cloud, public clouds (Amazon Lambda, Google Cloud Functions, Azure Functions, and others) or in their own data center. TriggerMesh’s cross-cloud event bus provides a robust mechanism to trigger functions via events coming from any cloud. TriggerMesh’s developers have extensive experience contributing to open source projects and contribute to upstream projects like Kubernetes and Knative as well as TriggerMesh’s own open source projects. For more information visit:


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Mark Hinkle

Press Releases

Open Source TriggerMesh Aktion Executes Github CI/CD Workflows on Kubernetes Clusters

More Released on March 12, 2019

TriggerMesh Launches Open Source Knative Lambda Sources for Multicloud Serverless Interoperability

More Released on February 21, 2019

TriggerMesh Announces Open Source Knative Lambda Runtime Project for Serverless Portability

More Released on January 9, 2019

Cloud Veterans Launch TriggerMesh Serverless Management Platform

More Released on November 1, 2018