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We are a leading manufacturer of Heaters, and provide global solutions to heating issues for our valuable customers. We have observed a total vehicle sales of 17.47 million in USA in 2015, the record breaking highest sales ever achieved in our field. Additionally, we achieved a target of 18.9 million sales in Europe, which is the landmark representation of our annual sales with a hike of 3.4% (Confirmed Data from ARTC- Automotive Research & Testing Center). We believe the trend is being dominated by cars and that it is bound to intensify in the coming generations. We are aware of the fact of Automotive Industry that inevitable damage to our precious cars is ultimately caused by the natural environment. To deal with the threat, we dedicate ourselves to the cause and commit to the development of heaters in the automotive industry, specifically for the unscrambled car issues at low temperatures, such as the car start difficulty and heating cab problems. Victor Industries Ltd. was founded in the United States under the most crucial circumstances with an aim to revolutionize the market of heaters with our brightest solutions. We are familiar with the market of the United States, Australia, Europe, Germany, Sweden. We prioritize the requirements of our customers and deliver the most of satisfaction to our clients with our rated and quality products. We are Victor Industries Ltd, the leading manufacturers of Parking Heaters, Engine Heaters and Block Heaters, always dedicated to quality, efficiency and the 3-one service.


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VVKB Introduce Portable Parking Heaters for Campervan Use

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