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Zen Lounge was created by Debashis Dey. Having spent more than 20 years in media marketing, he took a sabbatical and decided to live in a remote village in the Himalayas. After spending four years with Buddhist monks and students, he gained a heightened insight into mindfulness and stress management. India, being the birthplace of Meditation, or Zen as it is known in South East Asia, he decided to share his knowledge in the form of an app. The recent pandemic provided the right time to test his concept with the new app, which quickly became exceedingly popular. Dey also is a creative designer, a published author, an avid photographer, music composer, and an abstract painter.


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Debashis Dey
+1 (315) 675 5174

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Zen Lounge Seeks to Heal the Planet Using the Power of Meditation and New Tree Planting Program on World Environment Day

More Released on June 4, 2021