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ZeroDark Cooperative was founded by Vincent Moscaritolo and Robbie Hanson. Moscaritolo pioneered technologies for secure messaging and email as co-founder of Silent Circle and Principal Crypto Engineer at PGP, Inc. Hanson is an AWS, Sync, and Blockchain expert and a top 100 Github Star. Their advisors include the well-known cryptographer and ACLU senior technology fellow, Jon Callas, and Phillip Dunkelberger, the President & CEO at Nok Nok Labs, who has more than 30-years in cybersecurity experience. Lastly, TK Eppley also brings his leadership experience gained during his career as a cybersecurity executive and a United States Navy SEAL.


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Vincent Moscaritolo 
(509) 824-1425

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Experienced Security Executive & International Conflict Policy Expert Tarah Wheeler Joins ZeroDark Board Of Directors

More Released on April 7, 2020

ZeroDark Cooperative Launch Gives Power to the People With Digital Life Ownership, Privacy, and an Unconventional Thing Called Cloud Security

More Released on February 25, 2020