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Next In Dentistry showcases the future of dental connectivity and education

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Dentex Dentalia Village 2022 at Brussels Expo in Belgium showcased visitors an insider view of what the biggest technological advances within dentistry are.

Brussels, Belgium (PRUnderground) October 10th, 2022

By presenting game-changing technology, ‘Next In Dentistry’ offers a glimpse of the dental future with workshops, panel discussions and guided experiences on blockchain, AI and metaverse. Consisting of a mix of content that brings value to dentistry today. The goal is to inspire dentists and to place them at the centre of the dental equation. Value creation is about forming relationships with dentists and helping them grow, not only from a business point of view but also from a personal one.

Next In Dentistry is where expo visitors get educated on dental start-ups and their innovative solutions for industry-wide problems. What moves people, dentists included, into using new fields of technology is when it saves them time, energy, money or a combination of those three. This glimpse into the future saw the launch of two highly innovative platforms: one being Mawzi, a start-up streamlining the workflow between dental clinic and technician, and the other one being Dentaverse, a platform connecting the future possibilities of dental industry-wide collaboration.

Bringing connectivity, community and loyalty to the industry

Dentaverse is a connectivity hub connecting the wider dental ecosystem through an “internet-of-value” loyalty system, Web3 platform and VR infrastructure that brings dentists together on a global scale, helping to integrate dental initiatives from across the world. At their Club Lounge they introduce visitors to the virtual platform and to their country ambassadors, like Dr. Maria Orellana, Dr. Greta Kersyte and Dr. Tommie Van de Velde. This team has already onboarded key industry players and dozens of ambassadors across 42 countries. Dentaverse is the metaverse for dentistry and offers time, energy and cost-cutting services and tools in the fields of education, connectivity and blockchain.

Dentaverse U.S. Ambassador Dr. Mart McClellan, who teaches a personal finance class to fellow dentists at the world-renowned University of Chicago Gleacher Center. During his teachings, he showed his attendees the dental metaverse for the first time in the United States. At the same time as Dr. Mart McClellan, but at the other side of the world, another Dentaverse Ambassador Dr. Alwaleed Albadr at Riyadh Elm University, Saudi Arabia and a core team member at the headquarters in Brussels, Belgium entered the virtual reality platform. Three people connected through the dental metaverse with thousands of kilometres in between them – connecting a dental exposition, a workshop and a classroom in different parts of the world.

Closing the gap between technicians and dental practices

Streamlining workflows between the dental clinic and the dental technician: Mawzi – an app that’s changing the way dental equipment is services and maintained. It’s a tool to improve efficiency in inventory management, automate maintenance and streamline repairs of any dental equipment, so that the clinic and the team can focus on their patients. Mawzi helps dentists and technicians take back control of their time.

Next In Dentistry is changing the perspective on solutions that increase the speed and global spread of technology. It offers a gateway into future technological infrastructure and the companies bringing it.

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