NGOH LLC: Innovative New Housing Organization Seeks Motivated Individuals To Join Its Board of Directors

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A new group based in New York State's Hudson Valley has an innovative approach for specialty housing and is looking for talented members for its Board of Directors.

Boston, MA (PRUnderground) January 28th, 2021

NGOH LLC is defining a new type of specialty housing for Adults with Autism and Intellectual Disabilities (ID). The number of new ID births has exploded, and life expectancies have doubled. Many individuals need housing as they become adults. COVID regulations will shut down obsolete and dangerous facilities, creating a huge demand for new housing. NGOH LLC has developed a new housing concept, and a new business model. This replicable model can close the demand gap. As NGOH develops a pilot site in New York’s Hudson Valley, new Board Members need to be recruited. Do you have the skills and the interest in this new enterprise?

NGOH is developing a pilot site in the Hudson Valley for housing specifically designed for Autistic and ID adults. Using a disruptive business model, NGOH expects to ramp up housing projects across the US. According to CEO and Founder Adriana Piltz, “I have two sons with autism, one who is now an adult and will never be capable of living on his own. I’ve seen adult today’s ID housing, and it makes me cry. A lot. I ask, ‘Where will my little boy live after I pass away?’ The answer was… ‘I don’t know.’ I won’t send my son to an uncaring and unsafe institution. A few places that are a bit better, but waiting lists are 10 to 20 years. I used to be the President of a Wall Street brokerage firm. So, I know how to negotiate. I could probably use those skills to get to the top of the waitlist. And some families might do just that. But I just can’t do that. All the other families that don’t have the money, the skills, or the connections will get nothing. So, I found another way. I created a team, and they created a new model. We’re not going to play a losing game. We’re going to change the game.”

NGOH is moving from initial designs to buying property and starting construction. As our functions evolve, we need to add new skills and abilities. According to the CEO, “I am looking for very active and engaged board members. NGOH has a lot of fundraising to do, and we need a lot of technical expertise to fully realize our goals. If this sounds like a great fit for you, or if you are interested in finding out more about being a board member, give us a call!

About Nicky’s Gardens of Hope

NGOH Holdings LLC (NGOH) (, founded in 2018, is a New York Corporation, designed to provide economic opportunity for individuals with disabilities. Along with its sister entity – the Nicky’s Gardens of Hope ((501(c)(3)) ( – NGOH seeks to deliver services, meaningful employment and a dignified life to Intellectually and Developmentally Disabled (IDD) individuals. NGOH manages all physical property and intellectual assets of the Nicky’s Gardens of Hope Charity.

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