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Niclas Herle, Aviation Expert, Releases a New Blog Site Page on Helicopter History

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Niclas Herle, a leading aviation expert, recently released a brand-new microsite page discussing little-known, fascinating tidbits about the history of the helicopter.

Sarasota, Florida (PRUnderground) November 23rd, 2020

The new page can be accessed at Herle said he created the page, titled “Helicopter History,” because he has long been fascinated by the helicopter and wanted to share his latest discoveries regarding this unparalleled machine’s history. The page is a part of an already-popular microsite on all things related to helicopter technology.

On the new page, Herle emphasizes the fact that the helicopter is like no other machine in terms of its capabilities and purpose. For this reason, according to Herle, more people should take time to learn about these machines, as well as explore how to pilot them. For instance, visitors to the new page will discover that Igor Sikorsky gave birth to the helicopter used today. His machine was the first completely operational and manned one that was able to go into the sky without having to have a runway, according to Herle.

Today, helicopters possess many unique abilities that make them better than airplanes in certain situations. For instance, helicopters can easily be used to transport patients who are suffering medical emergencies. They can also be utilized to transport organs for transplants. In addition, people can use helicopters to reach and land in locations that the majority of vehicles cannot reach. In fact, helicopters can come in handy for rescuing individuals who are stranded by water.

Still, Herle emphasizes that many people mistakenly believe that helicopters are completely different from airplanes. The reality is, the astounding science behind helicopters and airplanes is relatively identical. That’s because in both types of machines, a system produces lift, which enables the machine to rise into the air.

Overall, through the new microsite page, Herle said he hopes to inspire more people to learn about helicopters as well as to experience the thrill of piloting and riding these machines in the future.

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