No More Sad Faces Behind Bars. 2015 Golden Collar Awards to Honor Only Shelter Dogs

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The 2015 Golden Collar Awards, the Hollywood awards show that honors canine actors, will kick off National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month in Los Angeles on October 4, 2015.

Los Angeles CA (PRUnderground) November 3rd, 2014

Golden Collar Entertainment LLC announced today that the 2015 Golden Collar Awards, the famous Hollywood awards show that humorously honors the acting excellence of dogs in film, television, web series, TV commercials and videos, is scheduled to be held in Los Angeles on Sunday October 4, 2015. The 2015 Golden Collar Awards will be the country’s largest media event that launches National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month; and will cap off a fun-filled weekend of celebrity-supported shelter dog adoption events that celebrate the joy they bring to the people who adopt them.

The 2015 Golden Collar Awards will mark a seismic shift in the way that awareness and funds are raised to save the lives of America’s shelter dogs by focusing on their joyous lives rather than their sad faces behind bars as they await imminent death which is how some animal welfare organizations portray them. That’s why all Golden Collar awards will be renamed to include the words “Shelter Dog” in their title. To further support this life-affirming message, exact replicas of the Golden Collar awards presented to the winners will, along with cash donations, be given to the shelters that found loving homes for them.

According to Alan Siskind, creator of the Golden Collar Awards and CEO of Golden Collar Entertainment, “Though the 2015 Golden Collar Awards will be great fun and use humor to draw attention to the need to increase the number of shelter dog adoptions, there’s nothing at all funny about the estimated 1 million shelter dogs who will be euthanized in 2015 because they won’t find loving homes in time. There’s, also, nothing funny about how some national rescue organizations intentionally manipulate peoples’ emotions by focusing on the pleading and frightened faces of these loving shelter dogs about to be killed when other, more positive images, can be used to more effectively save their lives. By changing the eligibility requirements for the 2015 Golden Collar Awards and all future shows allowing only shelter dogs to compete, I think that the Golden Collar Awards can be that positive national platform.”

Siskind closed by saying “About 18 months ago I suffered a serious brain injury in a preventable accident at a Ralphs Supermarket of all places that made it impossible to work for over a year; delayed the Golden Collar Awards for two years; but, most importantly, it made me appreciate living. That’s what gave me the idea to save the lives of shelter dogs by using the Golden Collar Awards to celebrate their lives and the happiness they bring into the homes and lives of the loving people who adopt them.”

About Alan Siskind

Alan Siskind, the CEO of Golden Collar Entertainment LLC  and creator of the Golden Collar Awards, is a leading consumer behaviorist  and expert on the humanization of dogs  in America and the  impact  this growing trend has on US retail and consumer businesses as well as on the adoption of shelter dogs.

For more information contact Samantha King at Samantha (at) GoldenCollarEntertainment(dot)com

About Golden Collar Entertainment

Golden Collar Entertainment produces the Golden Collar Awards which recognizes
and honors the acting talent of shelter dogs in film, TV commercials, webcasts, and TV.
It has become known around the world as \\”the Oscars for Dogs\\”. The 2015 Golden
Collar Awards is scheduled to be held in Los Angeles on Sunday, October 4th and will
be the country\\’s largest event to officially kick-off National Adopt A Shelter Dog Month.

The Company\\’s cause marketing division, Profiting From Pets, partners with national
pet-friendly retailers and consumer companies to develop revenue-generating and
life-saving marketing programs to support NO KILL animal shelters and promote the
adoption of Shelter Dogs.

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