Nolah Sleep Offers Side Sleeper Comfort to 74% of Americans

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Years of research and development bring 2 award-winning mattresses

Denver, CO (PRUnderground) July 19th, 2020

Side sleeping has enormous health benefits. Diminished acid reflux, reduced snoring, and eased sleep apnea. Side sleepers need a unique mattress that cradles the hips and shoulders in a supportive hug.

Nolah Sleep builds side sleeper mattresses for the 74% of Americans who sleep on their side. They realize that pressure relief is a vital component in a comfortable side sleeper mattress. Thus, AirFoam™ was born.

AirFoam™ mattresses are 100% temperature neutral so sleep cooler than memory foam, which is great for hot sleepers. Proven to be more durable than the most expensive memory foam, Airfoam™ mattresses offer unparalleled comfortability and longevity.

Side sleeping reduces the risk of neurological disease by removing brain toxins, eases pressure on the heart muscles by opening space in the chest cavity, gut health improves, and less heartburn is a consequence of this sleep position. Alleviated pressure points from the AirFoam™, result in fewer morning aches and pains.

Side sleepers are social creatures, open-minded, and carefree. Also, sensitive, side sleepers need a pressure-relieving mattress to achieve quality sleep. To get the most out of this sleep position, enjoy a calming bedroom by limiting the use of electronics before bed. A quality pillow under your head will ensure proper spine alignment. A pillow between your knees will add comfort and align the hips for a cozy night’s sleep.

For sufferers of digestive disorder. Sleeping on the left side could bring relief because stomach acids are away from your esophagus during the night. Lymphatic drainage improves so toxins are more easily expelled from the body. Sleep apnea and snoring can be alleviated, as well as aches, pains, and stiff joints. Side sleeping promotes relaxation, improves cellular repair, controls circulation, boosts digestion, and aids a restful sleep all night.

Improved sleep health begins with a modern side sleeper mattress, built from years of research and development. Nolah Sleep offers 2 award-winning mattresses that cater to the sensitive requirements of the modern side sleeper and can be found at

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Nolah Sleep is an award-winning mattress company focused on providing science-backed sleep solutions to customers all over America. Committed to creating innovative sleep products for long-lasting comfort.

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