Nomad Internet Becomes a Verizon Partner to Bring 5G Unlimited Internet Service to Rural Areas

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The company is now offering revolutionary smart modems and mobile app for optimal network control.

New Braunfels, TX (PRUnderground) December 27th, 2022

Rural America is falling behind in the ever-growing digital age. However, there are companies that are working to change that. One of those companies is Nomad Internet, which becomes a Verizon partner to bring 5G Unlimited Internet service to those living in rural areas. This partnership will help to bridge the gap between rural and urban communities and ensure that everyone has access to the same level of technology. Thanks to this partnership, Nomad customers can now enjoy fast and reliable internet no matter where they live.

Nomad Internet offers the revolutionary Nomad Air and Raptor Modems, a cutting-edge solution that provides unparalleled security, speed and reliability to business owners across the United States. The world’s only Enterprise Smart Modem, this suite of services utilizes advanced technology that grants subscribers lightning-fast speeds with minimal latency. Installation takes mere seconds, as these modems are delivered directly to homes or businesses in only two days.

With the Nomad mobile app, all users are given complete control and ownership of their network connection, as service can be adjusted in real time to meet each user’s individual needs. By combining exceptional speed and manageable prices for the first time ever, the Nomad Air and Raptor Modems represent a truly pioneering development in technologically advanced networking solutions.

Jaden Garza, the CEO of Nomad and co-founder of HXO, has had a long-time interest in technology solutions. Since his adolescent years, he has utilized his natural talent for IT solutions, which led him to run several successful companies starting at the age of 18. With his wife Jessica at his side, Garza brought his passion project to life in 2017 when they established a company specializing in online applications for RV parks located across Texas. Through this work, he was able to help bridge the digital divide that many rural areas experience. With this idea in mind, Garza strove to improve Wi-Fi systems in RV parks and ultimately give travelers or full-time residents more access to opportunities within these parks. He continues to dedicate himself to fulfilling this goal while tackling any technological grievances that hinder it moving forward.

Nomad Internet is continuing its commitment to providing customers with the best internet service available, as evidenced by the new Nomad Prime Plans and their upcoming launch of the Nomad Hero Protect service. The Nomad Prime Plans provide customers with data speeds up to 200 Mbits on 5G and up to 50 Mbits on 4G. Meanwhile, the Nomad Hero Protect service, backed by advanced firewall technology, delivers peace of mind for customers with 24/7 protection from online threats and malware. With these new programs in the works, Nomad Internet is elevating its already superior customer experience even further.

Garza said, “Being responsible for peoples’ livelihoods is immensely satisfying. I’m proud to be able to share in the joy of people whose lives have been changed by the Wi-Fi networks I designed. It’s my mission to make sure that last mile and rural customers get the same level of access and quality of internet service as urban residents. Connecting people around the world is an incredibly meaningful endeavor and one that has become my life’s passion.”

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Nomad Internet is a leading provider of internet solutions, dedicated to enhancing connectivity across rural America. With a focus on innovation and partnership, Nomad Internet is committed to delivering high-quality, reliable internet services to communities that need them the most.

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