Nova Cells Institute Makes Chronic Stroke Breakthrough

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Canadian man ten years out from a stroke recovers lost body functions in 7 day's time following Nova Cells Institute treatment

Baja, Mexico (PRUnderground) June 8th, 2015

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 795,000 people have strokes each year in the US. Many of these wind up paralyzed on one side of their bodies or suffer other debilitating effects. Those who get medical help quickly following the onset of symptoms have the best chance at slowing, halting or even reversing the destructive process. For those who do not get help quickly enough or who do but respond poorly or not at all to emergency room doctors, the damage can linger. Many in this situation undergo medical, physical and other therapies but with little or even no progress. Some are told to “make the best of  a bad situation” by their primary care physician.

The lack of effective turnaround treatments for chronic stroke may be at an end. At least this is what is being signaled by the amazing turnaround of Dan Huntley, 67.

Dan is an outgoing chap from Canada who had a stroke almost 10 years ago that left him paralyzed on his left side and which in-a-sense turned his world upside down. While his doctors cautioned him to accept his disability and make the best of things,  Dan kept looking for ways to restore his former independence. A December 2013 Truro Daily News article on Dan titled “Truro stroke survivor has renewed hope with new car” reflects Dan’s quest for this.

After reading about dementia sufferer Arthur Rechlo’s incredible turnaround (following a Nova Cell’s treatment) in the St. Albert Gazette (Click to access), Dan felt that any treatment that  could make such a difference in an advanced dementia patient might do something good for him.  He then contacted Nova Cells Institute and began a dialog with patient educator & care coordinator, Grace Odgers, Ph.D.

Long story short: Dan was treated over two consecutive days in early May (5-7 and 5-8). Within hours he reported that his energy level had shot up to what it had been when he was in his 40s and 50s, and on top of this he was feeling “tingling” in his paralyzed left side.

Following this Dan began calling and sending a flurry of emails to Nova Cells, the most salient messages of which follow below:.

From an email sent 5-11-2015:

 I can feel bottom of left foot normal and itchy. I can relax and sleep like before stroke. Now I know I have a left side on my body. Foot working little by little. WOW!

And in a 5-12-2015 phone call to Grace, Mr. Dan shared these new developments:

(1) The depression and anxiety that has dogged his steps during most of the years following his stroke has utterly dissipated.

(2) His memory has come roaring back (He is remembering things his stroke robbed him of going back decades).

(3) He can now lean on his left side and stand.

(4) He senses that his paralyzed left hand is about to come to life and begin working.

And this email came in on 5-14-15::

3 pm Thursday May 14. Praise the Lord,  today I walked some without assistance. No cane. I will be going 22 May for bladder tests and  hope my bladder is good by then. Wow, I am coming back to life. This is truly a miracle in the making. This is the next generation in medicine [I have felt this way since I  first investigated the Nova Cells treatment. Our medical system is money hungry. They must give us this great chance to be healthy as the good Lord intended us to be]. God bless you all! -Dan

And there is this from an email sent Grace by Mr. Dan on Saturday, 5-16-15 (9:06 pm Nova Scotia):

I can feel the toes on my left foot.

Mr. Huntley contacted the Truro Daily News about his turnaround and was interviewed by  reporter Raissa Tetanish on 5-20-2015 Among Mr. Huntley’s many compelling statements to Ms. Tetanish was this one:

“I believe in it and I believe it’s the next generation in medicine, just like penicillin was,” said the Truro resident. “Regardless of what Canada and the U.S. says about it. They don’t know about it. I didn’t know about it, but I know about it now.”

Mr. Huntley plans on seeing his neurologist in the very near future. Once this MD sees the rapid improvements he has made, he will ask for approval to enter a physical therapy program to reinforce his gains and build on them.

Nova Cells (NCIM) is overjoyed at Mr. Huntley’s response and progress-to-date and anticipates hearing of additional gains over time.

Not surprisingly, NCIM has received many queries from chronic stroke sufferers since Dan Huntley’s story broke. Nova Cells Institute’s Grace Odgers adds, “Case evaluations are free and without obligation.”

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Nova Cells Institute of Mexico (NCIM) runs an experimental medicine program in Mexico that includes use of laboratory primed adult (nonembryonic) stem cells and its own proprietary Beacon Factor

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