Nova Vita Wellness Centers Launches Group Rates for Healthy Excursions

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The flexibility of group rate packages aligns with Nova Vita’s goal of providing personalized paths to wellness and bridging a gap left behind by traditional healthcare.

Austin, TX (PRUnderground) July 28th, 2022

Nova Vita Wellness Centers today announced it launched special group rates for IV Vitamin Infusions.

The group rates offer a unique, healthy boost for group activities and are perfect for brunches, book clubs, running clubs, and more. The two tiers of discounts are 10% off IV vitamin infusions for groups of 3 to 6 and 15% off IV vitamin infusions for groups of 7 to 12.

Vitamin infusions at Nova Vita Wellness Centers are geared toward a person’s specific health needs and wants. This allows for groups of people to all receive the same IV vitamin infusion related to their outing, such as the Perform and Recover Infusions which are ideal for athletic groups such as running clubs and bicycle clubs.

At the same time, everyone within a group can elect to receive different infusions—such as a Beauty IV Vitamin Infusion, Defense IV Vitamin Infusion, a Hangover Infusion, and more. This makes group rates at Nova Vita Wellness Centers ideal for bachelorette parties, brunch crews, corporate team-building activities, or a perfect pre-game activity to hydrate and revitalize the body with electrolytes before an afternoon in the hot sun.

Supplemental services at Nova Vita that go perfectly with an IV vitamin infusion are Red Light Therapy, Compression Therapy, and an Oxygen Bar.

The flexibility of the group rate packages aligns with Nova Vita’s goal of providing personalized paths to wellness in order for people to Feel Better, Look Better, and Be Better while bridging the gap traditional healthcare leaves behind. A relaxing and inviting atmosphere combined with the friendly staff creates a welcoming environment and treats all patients like neighbors and friends.

The individualized approach at Nova Vita is the missing piece of the puzzle for the millions of people suffering from minor ailments all the way to chronic health conditions and cannot find symptom relief. Nova Vita healthcare professionals work to understand the root cause of customers’ health issues and provide data-driven solutions for them to improve their whole-body health. This is accomplished using in-house lab panels, micronutrient testing, 3D Body Scanning, and other innovative diagnostic tools.

Taking advantage of group rates for an IV Vitamin Infusion are a great way to get a taste of the Nova Vita Wellness Centers experience and see firsthand how it can fit into your personal wellness journey to improve your longevity. The Nova Vita approach to wellness and whole-body longevity aligns with the mission of Intiva Health—the parent company of Nova Vita Wellness Centers.

Intiva Health describes its mission as “improving the health of healthcare,” which it aims to complete with its family of companies that provides personalized wellness services at Nova Vita, custom dietary supplement manufacturing at Gummi World, and Intiva Health’s proprietary medical credentialing software known as Ready Doc™.

This collection of innovative products and services enables the Intiva Health group of companies to work independently and synergistically to improve the health of healthcare for patients, providers, and facilities.

About Nova Vita Wellness Centers

Nova Vita is a specialized health and wellness center, dedicated to bridging the gap traditional medicine left behind through the recovery, optimization, and integrity of a person’s overall health through evidence-based advances in neuroscience and customized wellness solutions. Nova Vita offers IV vitamin infusion therapies, lab panels, weight management solutions, and additional services tailored to the individual patient. Nova Vita currently has plans for additional locations, expanding outside of Texas.

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