Nuclear Engineer Turned Entrepreneur Celebrates Success of Flagship Product Nefficar Voice Amplifier

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Nefficar is a company that thrives on innovative products and top quality service coming from a next generation work method. Passing its 4th year in business the Nefficar new N511-Model Voice Amplifier is skyrocketing in popularity.

New Delhi, India (PRUnderground) October 18th, 2019

A first-class Voice Amplifier can mean all the difference in the world between a successful speaking event of any kind and a failed one. Fortunately, one company answering the call, Nefficar, is the brainchild of a founder who is not just an engineer, but one who specialized in the rigorous discipline of Nuclear Safety. In exciting news, the company recently celebrated the success of their Nefficar N511-Model Voice Amplifier, by not just thanking their loyal customers but also by donating a number of the remarkable piece of functional tech to a group of Indian students from the “Practice Public Speaking” community. The surprise gift has been met with boundless enthusiasm.

“You don’t have to make an effort to sell if a product solves people’s everyday problem but you have to make an effort to clearly communicate how it solves there problem,” commented the company’s founder. “That’s really the case with our Voice Amplifier.”

According to Nefficar, just some of the people who can be helped with the N511-Model include teachers, trainers, coaches, spiritual gurus, and NGO organizations. Beyond being able to efficiently deliver the speaker’s message, one of the key motivating forces for the company is that the Nefficar N511-Model Voice Amplifier also saves stress on the user’s vocal cords. This can be a huge health benefit over time and could even add year to a regular speaker’s career.

Other products from the company include ultra-effective safe baby proofing and room décor.

The feedback for the Voice Amplifier continues to be positive across the board.

A recent customer remarked in a five-star review, “This product is amazing! I was so doubtful while purchasing it but it has been worth it. It helps me everyday as I am a teacher. If we speak softly, it is apt for a room of 20 to 30 students. If we speak loudly, this speaker can help you in a hall having 200 students! I save a lot of energy as I don’t have to shout anymore. It is sufficient to charge it twice a week as I teach 4 classes a day. I am so glad I bought this cute little voice amplifier.”

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We try to solve everyday problems of the common man with highly functional products which are stamp approved by the cat-eyed-giant, The Finicky Panda who is cooler than the Delhi Winters looks after two things – to verify if a product meets our requirements of quality, utility, and aesthetics, and to make sure that no fries are left in the office for anyone else.

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