One Blue Nest Is An Innovative Platform For Real Estate Agents

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One Blue Nest gives Buyer-agents the ability to create their own real estate listings, while Seller-agents now have the power to see buyer-listings that match their home.

Los Angeles, CA (PRUnderground) September 17th, 2019

One Blue Nest, a network for real estate agents, offers a reverse MLS listing platform to help agents sell homes faster. Steering away from the traditional real estate search process to identify a buyer for listings, One Blue Nest’s system gives listing agents the opportunity to browse for active home buyers and contact their agent directly through the site. 

Evan Haug, CEO of One Blue Nest and licensed real estate broker, noticed the lack of tools available for listing agents to quickly identify a buyer other than holding time-consuming open houses and constant emailing. Since buyer’s agents do not openly advertise their buyer clients, Evan created a new approach for negotiating deals: a platform for buyer agents to advertise their clients and listing agents to find them. 

“Buyer’s agents are the ones who have to reach out to listing agents, start the negotiation process and draft the offers, which is time-consuming. Right now, listing agents have no platform to search for active buyers for their properties for sale and start negotiating. Listing agents need the opportunity to search for buyer’s agents’ clients so they can start negotiating sooner and sell the home faster.,” says Haug. “I want to give all agents a fair shot at closing a deal quickly. It’s a site designed by agents, for agents.” 

The platform’s innovative strategy helps real estate agents serve their clients by showcasing, for the first time, the clients of buyer’s agents. Agents using One Blue Nest are able to browse current buyer’s agents’ clients as soon as they are published. The platform brings together listing agents and buyer’s agents so they close the transaction in a timely manner.  

Listing agents no longer have to wait for buyer’s agents to reach out to them or attend their open houses, they can easily reach out to qualified candidates based on the details of the buyer’s listing on the platform. Its advanced system decreases the time agents spend on open houses and weaving out candidates who lack the ability to purchase the property. The quicker it is for a listing agent to discover the perfect buyer, the faster a family moves into the right home. 

In order to access the One Blue Nest community, a quick and easy signup process is required. The site allows users to join as either a home buyer’s agent or a home seller (listing agent). Once signed up, users are encouraged to create a profile and connect with other agents. A home buyer’s agent will upload the price range and geographical area of their buyer and wait for listing agents to contact them. A seller or seller’s agent searches for homebuyers actively looking to purchase property, and once a match is found, they’ll contact that buyers represented agent via text or email. 

Compared to previous real estate advertising methods,  including open-houses and email marketing, One Blue Nest pushes the limit of communication by allowing listing agents to make the first move. Listing agents can now take a proactive approach and contact interested parties of a property that would otherwise not have known of the property to encourage submitting an offer. “The site provides complete privacy for clientele, allowing agents to have full control over deals. “It’s a refreshing way to selling homes, fast,” says Haug. “It’s time to upgrade the system and bring life back into real estate. Less time on the market is a win for everyone.” 

About One Blue Nest

One Blue Nest is an online network of real estate agents. The platform includes listings from buyer-agents looking to purchase a property within their price range and other criteria. Check out their site at to learn more about their services and new listings.

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