One Vision Inc Releases New Paradigm-Breaking Hip Pop Single by Artist Kurtis Hoppie & Jon Keith

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One Vision Inc is Releasing a New Single That Could Challenge an Age-Old Paradigm

Boise, Idaho (PRUnderground) April 23rd, 2020

No matter how far a person goes in life, there’s always something inside them that longs to go back; back to a time, when things were safer, simpler, or just more familiar. This archetypal longing is the simple message of a brand new hip hop singleby Kurtis Hoppie (and collaborator Jon Keith), entitled Sometimes.

What will surprise some listeners, is that this song specifically talks about a spiritually awakened person, who sometimes feels a calling back to their “old life.” The song opens up with the simple, ear-pleasing hook, where Kurtis sings/raps…

Sometimes I don’t wanna be the Holy Man. 

Sometimes, I want every part of God’s plan.

Sometimes, I just wanna be like you. 

Sometimes, Sometimes. 

The “Holy Man” reference means exactly what it says. Kurtis Hoppie is a born-again Christian who has dedicated his artistic talent to sharing his faith through his music. Kurtis’s self-professed mission is to “bring a message of hope to the hopeless.” Later, in the verses of the song, Kurtis says…

Sometimes, I just want to hang with my old friends.

Sometimes, I just wanna act like the Old Man.

Sometimes, I just wanna hang with my old friends. 

Sometimes, I just wanna get away. Sometimes, Sometimes.

The term “old man” is a little known reference to what St. Paul wrote in the New Testament book of Romans. In the sixth Chapter, St. Paul speaks of an old, worldly nature which is to be “taken off,” when a person becomes spiritually born again. Yet, later in the book of Romans, even Paul expresses a desire to “go back” and to act like the old man himself.

The song Sometimesrepackages this age-old message of vulnerability in a short, lyrical, beat-driven, tune that’s sure to stick with fans, even after hearing it just one time.

“I think a lot of ‘outsiders’ see Christians as people who pretend to have it all together,” said a fan, after hearing the song for the first time. “That’s true sometimes. But this song challenges that paradigm. These aren’t the words of a man who thinks he’s got it all figured out. It’s just a simple message of vulnerability. It’s very human.” 

Many urban music fans will feel a personal connection to Kurtis and to his music. After losing his father at age five, Kurtis spent the rest of his childhood growing up with his mother and his older brother. Later in life, he followed in his brother’s footsteps and started using rap music as a channel for his ideas and feelings.

Today, people all over America enjoy Kurtis’ catchy, and cleverly worded lyrics and backbeats. The new song, Sometimes, is available on Spotify and on Kurtis’s artist profile page on the One Vision Inc. website. One Vision Inc. is a Record Label dedicated to partnering with artists, and empowering them to build their own fan base while staying true to their musical vision.

One Vision Inc. helps their artists with Music Distribution, Promotion, Merchandise and Booking. Visit to book one of their artists, or to support this Grass Roots, Faith-Based Record label by purchasing their clothing, or just listening to their music.

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