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Almost two million Brazilians officially live in the United States. Brazil is the largest trading partner in the United States and a voracious consumer of US products and services. Hiring a communication, marketing and press agency with international expertise can help you skyrocket your sales and profit from the Brazilian community.

Florida (PRUnderground) August 8th, 2019

In three years the number of Brazilians approved to live in the United States has heavily increased. In 2018, 4,300 immigration visas were issued to Brazilian citizens – a 74% increase over 2015, when 2,478 visas were issued, according to the US State Department. The number of Brazilians permanently residing in the United States continues to increase. American businessmen are definitely reaping the financial benefits from this audience.

“Allowing the large Brazilian community inside and outside the United States to know about your brand, product or service is a surefire method to generate profit. The Brazilian public is loyal and consumes above the average of other countries. But you need to know how to spread the word to earn that loyalty and increase earnings of this community,” says entrepreneur Rodrigo Lins, CEO of Onevox Creative Solutions, a communication, marketing and press agency based in the United States with branches in Brazil and Canada.

The experienced Rodrigo Lins gives tips for an American company to be successful with the Brazilian public: First, it is necessary to hire a company that specializes in international outreach to different audiences. According to Rodrigo Lins, there is a unique way to get closer and convince many Brazilians to buy and remain loyal to the brand.

Second, is to invest in a bilingual website. Adding Portuguese as one of the language options, the company will attract the attention of the Brazilian public to its products. “To assume that all Brazilians can speak English is not smart. There are many consumers who, even living in the United States, cannot speak English fluently. The company can help and win over these consumers,” explains Lins.

Third, you must have someone in your company who speaks Portuguese – not Spanish. “It is common for many Americans to think that Brazilians speak Spanish. But in reality they do not even understand it. Hiring someone that speaks Spanish to help Brazilians is not going to cut it. You need to hire someone who can help out the newly generated leads and finalize the sale,” says Rodrigo Lins.

The last valuable tip given by Rodrigo Lins is the use of press releases. “Brazilians love the news. They are up to date with it all the time. If you present your company on the biggest news channels in Brazil, it will surely have an impact. Our US customers who appear in Brazil have had a 40% increase in sales this year alone,” says Rodrigo Lins.

Rodrigo Lins has a masters in Communication, specializing in Audiovisual Language, university professor, journalist and writer, residing in the United States, and author of a book informing Brazilians how to bring their career to the United States legally. He heads the US-based multinational Communication, Marketing and Press agency Onevox Creative Solutions with branches in Brazil, Canada and soon in Europe.

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