Online Mapping: BI Tool to Watch in 2014

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Companies are gearing up for better competition using online mapping as their BI tool. As they create a map, they can easily understand data which puts them on a

Naperville, Il (PRUnderground) December 11th, 2013

To remain competitive in 2014 and beyond, many companies are compelled to make decisions fast. Doing so would require exceptional business intelligence tools. One particular BI tool that most companies use is online mapping. By using its features, they get to extract information directly to the point of business decisions.

A business intelligence tool can only be considered effective when it is able to be used in a way that is almost effortlessly while getting extremely efficient results. As the leading mapping application, continuous to aim for its goal to allow its users to create a map in just a few minutes to quickly help the users understand data for critical decision making. Benjamin B. from the University of Maine Facilities Management says, “This is a powerful tool for anyone trying to manage a large number of mapping points! Other mapping systems on the web just don’t compare– is where it’s at!”

BI Tool for Critical Decision Making believes that BI tools should not be one-size-fits all. Hence, it develops online mapping features that may be used by companies to meet different mapping needs. Whether they want to achieve data analysis for market strategy, optimizing logistics, or understanding business growth, offers the necessary mapping feature for them to achieve the best results for decision making.

Map-Sharing Tool online mapping makes it possible for the users to share maps in just a few clicks. This feature enables the user and those with whom the maps were shared to access the information and provide timely insight for critical decisions making. With timely access to important information found in the maps, companies can accelerate decision-making, increasing organizational productivity and profitability.

Adding 100 Sets of Excel Data per 24-Hour Period helps companies to reach exceptional data analysis not only of individual data sets but also their relationship with each other. This gives a clear vision on what is really going on. From powerful data visualization shown in a map, they can readily learn to identify opportunities and risks and come up with the best solutions fitted to the situation. Plus Members are entitled to add and save up to 100 data sets within a period of 24-hours. The more data is visualized, the better analysis will be done.

Heatmap in Less Than 5 Minutes

Heatmapping using territory boundaries is one of the most useful online mapping features of By using this feature, companies can spot sales trends and identify business risks among others. Plus version subscribers can create a map of percentage in less than 5 minutes. This feature is time-efficient and makes it possible for users to spend more time in analysis.

These are just some of the most useful online mapping features of that companies can use to create a map to understand diverse business data. In just a few minutes, they can get the information needed leading them to be on top of the competition in 2014 and beyond.

About develops tools to transform analysis into a visual experience. It’s mapping technology is one of the most powerful ways to visualize data from Excel spreadsheets to optimize logistics, enhance market planning, identify growth opportunities, or mitigate market risks. leads in data simplification and presentation and is committed to delivering the tools businesses need to outpace competition.

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