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Reports Help Remote Workers and Managers Be More Productive During Crisis

Atlanta, GA (PRUnderground) March 30th, 2020

As the COVID-19 virus crisis forces people to work from home, businesses are scrambling to remain productive and sustainable during these challenging times. Now the BestWork DATA company is offering no-cost, personalized reports online to help managers and workers adapt and be less stressed.

“Remote working is a struggle for one third of the population and challenging for another third,” according to Chuck Russell, Chief Knowledge Officer of the BestWork DATA company. “We have developed personalized reports based on each person’s strengths to understand how they can best adapt to the challenges of remote work. The reports help businesses confidently manage their workforce through this crisis.”

With the Coronavirus outbreak forcing the physical closure of businesses throughout the world, a multitude of experts have come forward to offer advice about working remotely. While this advice can be helpful, it is generalized and may not be directly applicable to each person.

“With a simple 10-minute online survey, we identify key personality traits that will be strengths for remote workers, as well as areas where they will struggle,” said Lacey Russell, CEO of the BestWork DATA company. “People are unique, so advice such as ‘call employees on the phone often’ may be helpful for some workers and may increase anxiety for others – like ‘Why is my boss calling me all the time? Don’t they trust me?’ ”

The BestWork DATA Remote Worker survey is offered at no charge for individuals and organizations. The process is simple. People go to and select individual or company registration.

Individuals will be able to enter their email and a password, and then complete a quick online survey. They will then get access to their personalized reports.

People who wish to register for a group of people at their company will enter their information, and then will be able to invite team members to complete the survey. The company representative will then have access to their team members’ reports and can distribute them to their team.

About BestWork DATA

At BestWork DATA we ask ourselves, “How can we make managers’ lives easier?”  In a world with DATA, bad hires are optional, managing is painless and working together is unchallenging.  We use a simple online survey that makes it simple for managers to hire, train and manage their employees. We make our information easy to understand so managers can take quick actionable decisions and people can clearly understand their strengths and challenges.

Chuck Russell

Chuck Russell is a thought leader and innovator in the application of psychometric technologies to business practices. His first book, “Right Person-Right Job, Guess or Know,” showed how the information provided by new generations of assessments shatters the existing paradigms of management, hiring, and training. He is Chairman of BestWork DATA, which develops DATA-based talent management applications that enable companies to use their human capital more effectively.

Lacey Russell

Lacey Russell, CEO of BestWork DATA, leads the organization in the development of innovative products to help new generations of workers and managers. In 2017, she was invited to the White House as one of 150 Emerging Global Entrepreneurs for an extraordinary application called Try On Jobs. Launching this summer, Try On Jobs measures a participant’s hard-wired strengths and abilities, and allows that person to digitally try on over 400 jobs. This enables students and job seekers to make better career choices.

About BestWork DATA

At BestWork DATA we ask ourselves, ”How can we make managers’ lives easier?” In a world with DATA, bad hires are optional, managing is painless and working together is unchallenging. We eliminated the need for experts or special training. We use a 25-minute experience that makes it simple for a manager hire, train and manage their employees. We made our information easy to understand that lead to quick actionable decisions for a manage to take. What a concept! We know that your people make your business successful. You need them in the right jobs and engaged in the right job.

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