Onward and Upward: How Actor Johnny La is Setting the Stage for a New Era of Digital Marketing with New Business Venture MRLA Media LLC

Industry: Advertising & Marketing

From the Big Screen to Big ROIs, Johnny La is Bursting Into the Marketing Industry with His Groundbreaking Digital Footprint Method

Los Angeles, CA (PRUnderground) December 21st, 2022

Johnny La is no stranger to the headlines of modern media. As an established up-and-coming Actor, Johnny has starred in General Hospital, Young & Hungry, Murder Book, and Once in a Blue Moon to name a few. However, Johnny’s latest venture takes him to the other side of the screen and in the role of a digital marketing mastermind as Founder and CEO of MRLA Media LLC.

Long before Johnny decided to pursue acting he earned his Business Management Bachelor’s degree from San Jose State University where he worked in the management industry. Upon moving to Los Angeles, Johnny began dabbling in entrepreneurship, igniting a hunger and passion for the business that would soon prove it will never extinguish. Behind the scenes of his long-time acting career, Johnny has amassed an astounding 20 years of entrepreneurial and marketing experience, all leading to this moment.

Johnny La is proud to announce MRLA Media LLC, his new digital marketing company specializing in brand awareness and social media monetization to help new brands create and solidify their footprint in the digital landscape. Leveraging results-driven and evidence-based methods, MRLA Media LLC dismantles the idea of traditional marketing agencies by boiling it down to fundamentals and necessities.

Unlike other agencies who sell clients lavish ideas and flippant services with little to no return, MRLA Media is helping brands of all shapes and sizes stake their claim in the digital frontier, and expand their domain with relevant, realistic, and reasonable goals. Johnny La has sought out the industry’s finest innovators and marketing minds to join the MRLA Media team, and play an integral role in propelling brands and businesses to unprecedented heights.

In addition to client services, Johnny and the team at MRLA Media have developed The Digital Footprint — a self-paced curriculum to help motivated business owners, marketers and entrepreneurs get their digital marketing started online without the need to spend tens of thousands on hiring a digital consultant.

“Digital marketing has proven to be a vital necessity when it comes to building brand awareness and increasing sales for business owners. It is still considered a new form of marketing, and it is here to stay. I predict that over the next several decades, digital marketing will be crucial for becoming successful in building an audience and standing out against the competition. I am proud of MRLA Media and the team that I’ve established to help business owners take their digital marketing to the next level.” – Johnny La, Founder of MRLA Media LLC

Through proof of concept, dedication to the craft, and unwavering commitment to disrupting the digital marketing industry with passion, precision, and innovation, Johnny La’s purpose-driven vision can come to fruition.

To learn more about MRLA Media LLC, please visit: https://www.mrla-media.com/

Johnny La is represented by Tangerine Talent and A.D.S. Management.

Website: https://www.mrla-media.com/  // https://www.johnnyla.com

Digital Footprint Course: https://courses.mrla-media.com/

About MRLA Media LLC

MRLA Media LLC is a Los Angeles-based digital marketing company specializing in brand awareness and social media monetization to help new brands create their footprint in the digital landscape. Founded in 2022 by Actor, Entrepreneur, and Businessman Johnny La, MRLA Media LLC was created to take the headache and hassle out of digital marketing for business owners while generating leads, increasing revenue, and generating third-party recognition. Holding over two decades of experience in the digital marketing industry, Johnny La has brilliantly developed a team of industry-leading experts, innovators, and change-makers to usher in a new era of modern marketing for clients of all sizes, and all niches.

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