Optilogic Introduces Converter for Coupa Supply Chain Modeler

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Free tool easily converts Coupa supply chain models to 100% SaaS-based Optilogic Cosmic Frog models

Ann Arbor, MI (PRUnderground) December 13th, 2022

Supply chain design software company Optilogic announced the availability of its converter for Coupa Supply Chain Modeler© which automatically converts Coupa Supply Chain Modeler models to cloud-based Optilogic Cosmic Frog™ models.

Cosmic Frog is the industry’s first 100% SaaS cloud-based supply chain design solution. Because it’s free to get started and enables users to hyperscale their optimization and simulation models of even the most complex supply chains, Cosmic Frog is a simple and risk-free way for users of Coupa Supply Chain Design & Planning powered by LLamasoft© to start designing supply chains in the cloud.

How to Use the Coupa Supply Chain Modeler to Cosmic Frog Converter

  1. Open the Cosmic Frog webpage
  2. Click ‘Create a Free Account’ and enter your name, email, and phone number
  3. In your new Cosmic Frog account, simply upload your Coupa model file and it will automatically convert into a Cosmic Frog model and appear in your workspace.
  4. Check out our helpful online resources for converting supply chain models.

“Transitioning to Optilogic was easy,” said Marc Meketon, vice president at Oliver Wyman. “I didn’t have to worry about licensing or tying up my local machine, and I was able to leverage powerful solvers to scale at levels that would not have been economically feasible without Optilogic.”

At a time when supply chain design is more crucial than ever, Cosmic Frog gives companies a starting point to make design a strategic capability by enabling:

  • Optimization, simulation, and risk analysis across an end-to-end supply chain in a single platform, equipping businesses to make more informed decisions beyond just cost
  • A risk rating on every scenario run to help companies proactively minimize risk and volatility
  • Access to models from anywhere and easy cloud-based model sharing—no more upload/download
  • Hyperscale to run even the largest supply chain models in minutes
  • Free to get started and start modeling today

Try the converter for Coupa Supply Chain Modeler today—start by creating your free Cosmic Frog account

About Optilogic

Optilogic offers cloud-native supply chain design solutions that enable businesses to evaluate trade-offs across financial performance, service levels, and systemic risk to design resilient supply chains even in the most dynamic, challenging environments. Its Cosmic Frog supply chain design solution tackles enterprise data at scale, runs models faster than ever, automatically converts legacy models, and requires no IT footprint. Cosmic Frog is the only supply chain design platform to combine optimization, simulation, and risk engines, and includes a risk rating on every scenario. Solutions include network design, intelligent greenfield analysis and site selection, M&A analysis, near-shoring/reshoring, CapEx planning, cost-to-serve, product flow, and many more. Stay in touch with Optilogic on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube and visit www.Optilogic.com.

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