Order Fulfillment Experts at My Fulfillment Company Provide Helpful Tips for Improving Picking Operations in Your eCommerce Business

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Picking operations are one of the most important parts of an efficient order fulfillment system. The experts at My Fulfillment Company, a premier provider of order management and fulfillment services, provides tips for improving picking efficiency.

Marietta, GA (PRUnderground) January 16th, 2020

Of all the operations happening in a fulfillment center, order picking is one of the most important. Picking is the process of selecting items from customers’ orders and preparing them in batches or bundles for packing and shipment. The experts at My Fulfillment Company, an order management and fulfillment company located in Marietta, Georgia, has provided some expert tips for streamlining the picking process without sacrificing accuracy or quality.

Efficient picking involves ensuring orders are selected quickly and accurately and failing to do so translates into a poor customer experience. What’s more, inefficient picking processes can also lead to increased labor costs. My Fulfillment Company recommends analyzing your warehouse’s picking operations with these three basic things in mind:

  • Are there obstacles in the way? If your business is small and you are still relying on an older version of a CRM or OMS system for your everyday operations, there’s a good chance that your sorting and pick route are not as efficient as they could be. Consider upgrading to a newer system or even outsourcing your order fulfillment operations.
  • Are you managing your inventory correctly? Poor inventory management is the number one cause of inefficient picking procedures. If things are on backorder, or if a product simply cannot be located because it’s in the wrong place, this throws off the entire process and leads to poor customer service. In this case, the experts at My Fulfillment Company recommend redesigning your inventory management system or outsourcing it to professionals.
  • Have you invested in the right technologies? In today’s day and age, picking operations are most efficient when they are backed by the latest software and technology. This includes technology for inventory management, picking automation, and much more. These can be pricy upfront investments, especially for small businesses, which makes outsourcing attractive.

Of course, the most important question of all is whether or not you have the time, budget, and space to continue carrying out your order fulfillment processes on your own. In many cases, the sheer cost associated with warehousing, tech investments, and payroll can be overwhelming. My Fulfillment Company specializes in order fulfillment and management, and they are experts in everything from packaging to international shipping.

To learn more about My Fulfillment Company, feel free to visit their website where you can view the various services they provide and even get a free estimate for your ecommerce business needs.

About My Fulfillment Company: My Fulfillment Company is headquartered in Marietta, Georgia and provides a wide variety of order management and fulfillment services for ecommerce businesses of all sizes. Though they specialize in industries such as health and beauty, accessories and small electronics, and vitamins and nutritional supplements, they provide completely customized solutions based on their clients’ individual needs. For more information please visit https://myfulfillmentcompany.com/.


About My Fulfillment Company

My Fulfillment Company is an order management and fulfillment service provider located in Marietta, Georgia. Though they work with businesses of all sizes in all industries, they specialize in the health and beauty, accessories and small electronics, and vitamin and nutritional supplement industries. They provide warehousing, inventory, picking and packing, marketing inserts, kitting and assembly, shipping, returns processing, and much, much more.

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