Pacific Rim Marketing Group Celebrates 35th Anniversary

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Since 1985, Pacific Rim Marketing Group has been working with brands and people to inspire healthy lifestyles across the world.

Melbourne, Australia (PRUnderground) July 17th, 2020

This year PRMG marks 35 years of successful global partnerships between brands and clients, all working towards making the world a happier and healthier place.

“The value of your story will determine your future,”, states CEO Rodney Drory.
Most recently, PRMG launched a media campaign engaging influencers across the world to share their story. The hugely successful campaign saw an influx of people asking to build their brand legacy with the group.

Since first opening in 1985, PRMG have looked to partner exclusively in the health, wellbeing and exercise sectors. “We want to influence community health on a global scale.”, continues Drory. “We do this by building unique brand legacies for likeminded people.”

Over the last 35 years, PRMG has seamlessly kept up with ever-changing marketing trends and strategies. Their nimble and agile approach to implementing modern solutions means they’ve grown with the change, not against it.
Now a leading direct and digital marketing agency, they use innovative technology and online tools to streamline processes and work with the world’s best talent.

A primary example of their success has been the launch of their Global Influencer Program earlier this year. The Global Influencer Program is a unique platform developed by leading marketing strategists allowing influencers to build their brands into businesses and convert their followers into customers. The program delves deep into narrating authentic brand stories – building legacies, partnerships, marketing strategies and education on the dos and don’ts of social and digital marketing.

While a tradition of excellence has proven successful so far, Drory affirms it’s the investment in his team which drives the business forward. During these unprecedented times and having to adapt to a working from home model, Drory has continued to put the trajectory of his staff at the forefront. This is especially evident with Senior Program Lead Jay Levy, who’s been the catalyst behind the company’s growth this year. His efforts have resulted into some of their most profitable projects.

“With talent like ours, the future of PRMG is very bright.”, concludes Drory.

About Pacific Rim Marketing Group

Pacific Rim Marketing Group is a direct and digital marketing agency based in Melbourne, Australia, and serving more than 250,000 partners in 50+ countries.
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