Pactera EDGE Issues “State of Localization” White Paper Offering New Solutions from the Industry’s Leading Subject Matter Experts

Industry: Technology

Key Finding: New Platform Solutions Significantly Improve Speed and Accuracy While Delivering a More Culturally-Nuanced Experience

Redmond, WA (PRUnderground) January 13th, 2023

Pactera EDGE, a world-class digital solutions provider for the data-driven, intelligent enterprise, released today a new white paper on the State of Localization that details new platform solutions that are redefining the industry.

Compiled using real-life insights from five leading subject matter experts, the white paper shows how new tools and platform solutions – many of them powered by artificial intelligence – are dramatically improving traditional translation services.  According to the white paper, localization has evolved beyond performing translations and can now effectively nurture “lovable” customer experiences that “translate” into business growth and increased sales.

“Done poorly, localization can significantly undercut a brand’s global growth by alienating potential customers,” said Jonas Ryberg, Senior Vice President of Globalization for Pactera EDGE. “Fortunately, the next generation of solutions, like Pactera EDGE’s OneForma platform, allow businesses to scale their efforts to deliver human-centric, intelligent experiences that have proven effective in seamlessly introducing a brand to new markets.”

The white paper details how online tools, such as localized chatbots, are becoming smarter and able to provide increasingly complex email and chat support services in a more human, empathetic, and precise way. The report explains how AI-empowered localization is helping companies achieve stronger levels of customer satisfaction, which manifests in stronger social media ratings/reviews that make up the emerging Feedback Economy that can make or break a brand with consumers.

“One powerful differentiator with these innovative solutions is that Pactera EDGE has globally collected critical data from in-market subject matter experts who have first-hand insights into local, colloquial forms of expression because they live the language every day,” said Venkat Rangapuram, CEO of Pactera EDGE. “This global pool of talent is the engine behind Pactera EDGE’s game-changing localization service offerings – and our clients are now reaping the rewards from it.”

The white paper goes on to explain how the ability to expand into other markets is one of the few ways businesses can affect growth in an otherwise down economy, concluding effective localization is the all-important key to opening the door and establishing a prosperous presence in those new markets.

“Businesses can’t afford to ignore quality localization,” concludes Ryberg. “Globalization is as strong as ever, and as businesses increase their presence across hundreds of countries, being able to communicate with customers who do not speak the same language is a fundamental business need.”

Contributors to the State of Localization white paper are:

  • Sergio Bruccoleri, Director of Platform and Innovation
  • Giovanna Conte, Head of Global Quality Management
  • Alba Guix, Vice President and Head of Europe
  • Jonas Ryberg, Chief Globalization Officer
  • Vincent Swan, Vice President of Technical Solutions
  • Wei Zhang, AVP of Localization Technology

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