Pactera EDGE Launches New LoopTalk Service to Enhance Critical Voice Data Workflow

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Pactera EDGE Uses Innovative Methodology to Re-invent the Voice and Text to AI transcription Process, While Improving Accuracy of Voice Dataset Generation and Eliminating Privacy Concerns

Redmond, WA (PRUnderground) April 28th, 2020

Pactera EDGE, a leading data, intelligence, and digital experience professional services provider, announced today the launch of LoopTalk, a voice-to-AI, text-to-AI transcription solution that enables the cloud-based creation of voice data, associated transcription, evaluation of AI engines, and the generation of bespoke clean, targeted and annotated, voice datasets.

The launch is particularly timely as global companies are forced to accelerate their digital transformation due to uncertain working conditions.   Looptalk is an innovative service that “future-proofs” their data pipeline management so global companies can continue to refine and improve their intelligent, AI-infused applications without interruption.

“This is a climate where we at Pactera EDGE are looking to find innovative ways of working intelligence into everything,” said Ahmer Inam, the company’s Chief AI Officer. “Looptalk will enable our clients to reliably create clean voice datasets, through a logical and streamlined workflow, and ultimately transform AI applications for the global enterprise.”

LoopTalk is part of Pactera EDGE’s OneForma platform, a powerful suite of AI services that leverages its global network of 100,000 trained resources that work remotely online. It is an entirely new approach to provide next-generation transcription solutions to an industry workflow that’s increasingly considered outdated by its end users.

Rather than relying exclusively on the original audio source, where personal identifiable information (PII) can be exposed, and related legal privacy concerns be raised, LoopTalk deploys a proactive processing method, using generic crowdsourced and contractor-generated voice datasets, to create transcriptions targeted to our clients’ specific needs.

Increased public awareness and concerns about privacy have posed a daunting challenge to the entire transcription industry, as traditional retrospective processing methods become liabilities to the end clients who still use them. Pactera’s LoopTalk was created in response to that challenge and provide clients with a viable new solution.

“LoopTalk removes the risk of personal identifiable identification breaches, and completely reimagines the traditional transcription workflow to provide an inventive solution which mitigates inherent risks in retrospective transcription practices,” said Vincent Swan for Pactera EDGE. “It’s second most powerful feature its extremely targeted voice dataset generation, that, using both AI and human inspection, is extremely accurate and ultimately helps bolster AI accuracy and performance.”

Another game-changing feature of LoopTalk is the platform’s ability to generate media datasets, which include audio with background noise, music or other environmental audio scenarios, while maintaining accurate transcriptions of the core utterances.

“Reliable voice transcription has always been an important goal for artificial intelligence and this environment has really driven that point home to everyone,” explained Swan. “The revolutionary features in Pactera’s LoopTalk solution brings us one major step closer to achieving that goal.”

Pactera EDGE helps businesses identify, define and most importantly, prioritize their digital transformation, harnessing the latest innovations in AI, Globalization and Data Science, to ensure they succeed in the face of ever-evolving market conditions.

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