Pactera EDGE Reveals Cultural Sensitivity is the Missing Ingredient in Most Localization Efforts

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White Paper Indicates 90% of Global Consumers Are More Likely To Purchase from a Brand That Employs Culturally Sensitive Localization

Redmond, WA (PRUnderground) September 16th, 2020

Pactera EDGE, a world-class digital solution provider for the data-driven, intelligent enterprise, in association with Nimdzi Insights, an influential consultant to the language services industry, released a white paper today revealing that global consumers want a customer experience that connects with them at a local level – and that cultural sensitivity is generally the missing ingredient in most brand “translations”.

The white paper, entitled Language, Culture and Design: Creating Lovable International Customer Experiences explains how failing to effectively localize brand content locally leads to poor customer experiences and lost sales. It goes on to outline how, through UX personalization, those same brands can increase market share over their competitors by engaging with customers at an authentic local level.

How important is achieving the appropriate tone, locally? The white paper reveals:

  • Companies that localize the user experience see a 100% – 400% increase in sales.
  • 9 out of 10 report they would more likely buy from a brand that localizes its web site and content specifically to their market.
  • By localizing in just 10 languages, a brand’s message will effectively reach 90% of online customers.

“While adequate language translation is still critical to the process, it’s nailing the cultural nuances that really make the difference when engaging a customer in a different global market,” said Jonas Ryberg, Vice President of Digital Globalization Services at Pactera EDGE. “Crafting a lovable customer experience will lead to an enduring connection at a very emotional level – and that translates to loyalty, trust, and repeat sales.”

The white paper details how companies like Google, Uber and Amazon have successfully adapted their communications, across all channels, to create culturally relevant and engaging user experiences and the benefits that come from employing this strategic approach.  It then concludes how a combination of human and AI talent are paving the path to easier, more affordable, and more effective localization outcomes.

“At Pactera EDGE, we amplify our capabilities as a digital agency and localization specialists by leveraging a culturally diverse pool on crowdsourced in-market resources to ensure our clients produce a user experience that engages and ingratiates consumers to the brand,” explained Jose Martinez, Chief Transformation Officer at Pactera EDGE. “Capitalizing on the opportunities found in global markets can transform a business, the key is to make your user experiences relevant and lovable.”

Pactera EDGE assists businesses in identifying, defining and most importantly, prioritizing their digital transformation – harnessing the latest innovations in AI, Globalization and Data Science, to ensure their projects are part of the greater enterprise success story.

To download the whitepaper entitled Language, Culture and Design: Creating Lovable International Customer Experiences visit LINK.

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