Painting Is A Part Of Maintenance Exclaims A ThreeBestRated® Expert From Surrey

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Surrey, British Columbia (PRUnderground) January 28th, 2023

Painting is a kind of art! Not only the sketch on a canvas, coating a house is also an artwork. Both involve creativity and passion to bring the best outcome. Painting plays a vital role in the finishing of the property which elevates the look of it. We are aware of the importance of maintenance for a property as it brings us various merits from contribution to the value of it to make it better for usage. Still, only experts are knowledgeable about the importance of proper painting in the maintenance of a property. Painting has a vital contribution to maintenance — remarks Holloway Painting, the 2023 ThreeBestRated® award winner for best painters in Surrey. They are kind enough to share some points on the concern,

  • Painting is actually a part of maintenance that should never be ignored. It is capable of leading to potential problems like peeling, rotting wood, metal corrosion, etc. Quality painting forms a protective layer that is fresh and strong, avoiding the mentioned issues.
  • Painting adds an extra layer of insulation that protects your space from water damage, UV light and heat.
  • Painting also helps us to find underlying damages in the early stages which can be rectified when it is minor. This helps to save time, money and protect us from potential damages.
  • Quality painting contributes to the resale value of the property.
  • Painting at regular intervals keeps your property aesthetically appealing and contributes to the positiveness of the space along with the health and safety of the people. This directly influences the quality of living if it is home & productivity in a commercial building.

Hence the list of merits that a proper painting can provide a property, says the firm. It is even more important to appoint a professional who has the expertise for the purpose. Holloway Painting is one such renowned painter in Surrey whom you can contact for any of your painting needs from interior to exterior, residential to commercial spaces.

Everything About Holloway Painting

Holloway painting is a well-known painter for their commitment to excellence in every service they offer irrespective of the size. The painting business is grateful to continue providing their painting services and aims for the health and protection of their communities and team members. The team works diligently to ensure your project is done well, on time & on a budget for their customers, which is why they are listed on ThreeBestRated® crossing its dedicated 50-Point Inspection. They offer free estimates and guarantee one year to three-year Warranty too. Interior and exterior painting, commercial, strata and renovation are some of the top services they offer. They are a reputable painting company in South Surrey & White Rock. Positive customer referrals have fueled them for their quality painting services in Vancouver. Call them for a color consultation at

Holloway Painting also plans to continue to give back to our local community by participating in charity events and fundraisers. They strive hard to create a positive and certain atmosphere that allows them to provide the best painting services to their customers. Their commitment to Positivity, Certainty, Quality, Service, and Community sets them apart from the competition. The firm takes pride in building strong relationships with our customers and being an active member of the community. Ample time they invest in understanding their customers’ needs and delivering the promises is their secret to success.

“ThreeBestRated® provides a platform to showcase our services and build trust with potential customers. It also helps us to stand out from the competition by highlighting our positive reviews. This gives potential clients the confidence to select our services over the competition. Additionally, ThreeBestRated® helps us to connect with our local community and build relationships with local businesses and customers. This helps us to establish a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy company to work with” concludes the company.

About ThreeBestRated®

ThreeBestRated® was created in 2014 with the simple goal of finding the top 3 local businesses, professionals, restaurants, health care providers, and everything in-between, in any city. Every business is meticulously handpicked by our employees. We check business’s reputation, history, complaints, ratings, proximity, satisfaction, trust, cost, general excellence, reviews, and more, using our 50-Point Inspection. We only display businesses that are verified by our employees. Other places will call this “hard work” and “unnecessary”. We call it “due diligence” and “the right thing to do”. Our website is updated on a regular basis for quality and the latest business information.

ThreeBestRated® has the honor of helping 4.5 million customers every month find the best businesses in any city – without any effort!

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