Patcom Medical Inc. and Diversatek Healthcare Announce Distribution Partnership for ZepHr® Complete Reflux Monitoring System

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Medical equipment solutions provider, PatCom Medical Inc., and Diversatek Healthcare are proud to announce their collaboration to take 24-hour reflux testing to the ENT and SLP market.

Toronto, ON / Milwaukee, WI (PRUnderground) July 1st, 2020

Esophageal 24-hour pH monitoring is a gold standard for reflux testing. The benefits from combining the well-established ZepHr® technology with the PatCom Introducer are unmatched as the system provides increased patient comfort, and easy placement for clinicians when conducting the test.

Currently, inserting catheters trans-nasally into the esophagus of patients can be difficult, often times resulting in coughing, gagging, and general patient discomfort, thus preventing procedures from being performed in the office setting. This is where the PatCom Introducer comes in; allowing a seamless insertion process using visualization from nasal endoscopes to place the Introducer (an overtube) directly connecting the outside of the nose and the esophagus for easy passage of catheters.

CEO of PatCom Medical, Christoph Schmitz said: “The PatCom Introducer is a versatile device that can be used for many established applications. Pairing it with Diversatek Healthcare’s ZepHr® Reflux Testing System is of particular interest to PatCom as we are highly focused on helping clinicians who deal with dysphagia and voice disorder related issues such as reflux.”

Through the use of the PatCom Introducer in conjunction with Diversatek Healthcare’s pH Monitoring System, the gold standard in reflux testing is being made available to private practice Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) physicians as well as Speech Language Pathologists (SLP). Clinicians are able to receive an accurate quantitative measurement in a short period of time by directly administering the test themselves. The system is easy to use and provides the physician with pH levels in the distal esophagus and the hypopharyngeal region as well as impedance measurement for non-acidic reflux detection.

Janell Schmidt, Marketing Director at Diversatek Healthcare comments: “Diversatek Healthcare is excited to partner with PatCom Medical, expanding our presence into the ENT and SLP market. The PatCom Introducer delivers a quick passageway for inserting a ZepHr® Reflux Probe, avoiding a potentially difficult intubation. Clinicians can provide reflux testing to their patients more confidently than ever…”

More than 20% of the population in North America suffers from some kind of reflux disease. For patients, specifically LPR patients, understanding the cause of their reflux and how it relates to their lifestyle is now easier and more comfortable than ever.

About Diversatek Healthcare

Diversatek, Inc. is a global, multi-platform healthcare solutions manufacturing company. Invested in a broad and ever-growing line of medical technologies, Diversatek manufactures and markets products and solutions for diagnostic and therapeutic gastroenterology procedures, continuing care and rehabilitation, and medical device OEMs. Diversatek owns and operates manufacturing facilities in Wisconsin, Colorado, Virginia, and Saigon, Vietnam. Our Technical Research and Training Center in Denver, CO boasts a best-in-class clinical education and product training center for healthcare providers worldwide. For further information, visit Diversatek Healthcare’s website at

About PatCom Medical Inc

PatCom Medical Inc. is an international medical device solutions provider aiming to increase human well-being by making established medical procedures more comfortable for patients as well as clinicians. With locations in Toronto, ON and Buffalo, NY PatCom Medical’s focus is the support of Speech Language Pathologists and Otolaryngologists through state of the art equipment, service and clinical education. For more information visit PatCom Medical’s website at

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