Peaceful Savage Founder Mitchell Tucker Announces Upcoming Online Course and Book Debut

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‘The Peaceful Savage’ offers a blueprint for living life on a whole new level

Ocaka, FL (PRUnderground) September 26th, 2022

Peaceful Savage founder and entrepreneur Mitchell Tucker has just announced the upcoming debut of his highly anticipated new course and book entitled ‘The Peaceful Savage’.

Tucker, who is the author of ‘Mentally Tough in a Weak Society’, has built the Peaceful Savage community with the goal of helping others live their best lives. Tucker’s emphasis on resilience is aligned with his background, which includes being a deputy at 19 years old and being the owner of two businesses, and he’s proud to share his beliefs with others.

The all-new Peaceful Savage online course and new book mirror Tucker’s philosophy by offering a blueprint towards living a better life by meeting life’s challenges head on, embrace absolute truths, and appreciate traditional values and morals.

In today’s “cancel culture”, resilience seems to be at an all-time low, and the growing Peaceful Savage community is working to build mental strength and perseverance in people everywhere by putting traditional American values back into today’s world.

‘The Peaceful Savage’ course encourages students to take the ‘Peaceful Savage’ oath and make a promise to themselves and the world around them that they won’t back down from living a fulfilled life. ‘The Peaceful Savage’ book also instills this mission by teaching the concepts and truths centered around taking control of one’s life.

As the Peaceful Savage community continues to grow, so does their list of offerings. For instance, members who are entrepreneurs are added to the Peaceful Savage Vendor List, which is shared with all members. Also, new members receive a $300 voucher. Ongoing perks include free hotel and resort stays.

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Peaceful Savage is a community of men and women living with purpose and conviction to ensure a better future for the world.

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