Peaches and Apples offers carefully selected products in various categories for global customers looking for the perfect gift for others or self

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New York (PRUnderground) July 9th, 2019

Peaches and Apples is a fast-growing website that offers the most innovative products in the market at competitive prices. The website is created by a team of retail and ecommerce professionals who source quality, trending and innovative products from trusted manufacturers around the globe and offers them at attractive prices. It features products in categories like Home & Kitchen, Gadgets, Pets, and Beauty & Fashion.

Peaches and Apples have curated the selection to provide a place to find the perfect gift for loved ones. Within two years of their launch, the website has managed to garner hundreds of sales, offering great deals on its selection and adding more products continuously. One of the featured products on the website is the hydrogen-rich water bottle that infuses water with the powerful benefits of hydrogen. The Japanese have been using hydrogen for decades, for drinking and bathing to combat aging and inflammation. This bottle uses electrolysis technology to generate an ultra-hydrating drink, perfect for those who find it difficult to consume 8 glasses of water daily.

Another product to look out for is the unique giraffe sculpture, hand carved from a single piece of soapstone. It’s a beautiful sculpture in black that makes a unique home décor item. Additional items in the Home and Kitchen category are the handmade wooden sea turtle that doubles as a fun game, and a handmade beaded Cockatoo from South Africa that features thousands of beads painstakingly hand sewn to create a stunning piece for the home.

Customers can also find the multi-functional sports bag which can store either a basketball, soccer or football with laptop and other essential items. Voted as one of the best basketball backpacks of 2019 by The Hoops Geek, this sports bag is crafted from sturdy and durable canvas with a mesh net attached to its bottom for holding the ball for your game of choice. The interval space in the bag can be used to carry articles of clothing, books, magazines, and other essential items.

All customers can shop from Peaches and Apples with confidence as it offers a 30-day risk-free guarantee. It also provides 24/7/265 email support for any kind of assistance the customer needs.

All products can be seen on the Peaches and Apples’ official website.


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