People Are Turning To Companies Like Diamond Estate For Extra Cash During COVID-19

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San Diego, CA (PRUnderground) March 19th, 2020

In the face of the threat from the Coronavirus, many people are finding that they can use extra funds to make the preparations they need for their safety and health. People are stocking up with needed items, making home improvements to enable elders to be more comfortable, and even moving to stay with family into less populated areas. Many people are deciding that little-worn yet valuable jewelry, diamonds and watches could be turned into ready cash; cash that can make them more comfortable, safe and secure as they ride out the storm.

People who have never had to sell their possessions before might be at a loss for how best to do it. They wonder who to trust. Who will treat them with respect and give them a fair deal? This is where Diamond Estate comes in.

Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers is a long-established business that specializes in helping people realize the very best price for their jewelry, diamonds and classic watches. The people at Diamond Estate understand that these are often things which are precious, not just in dollars and cents, but in memories and sentimental attachment.

At a difficult time, Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers will make things as easy as possible, ensuring that valued possessions, with the minimum of fuss, are given the best possible price.

Says Diamond Estate owner Aldo Broussard, “Many older people in particular come to us because we have a reputation for fair dealing. But it’s more than that. We know that it can be very hard and emotional to part with these family treasures. We also understand that people need to raise cash quickly to help them with unavoidable bills, or to enable them to do things which they have always dreamed of doing. Diamond Estate is a family company, and we treat the people who come to us for our help just the way we would want our own family to be treated.”

He goes on to add, “We are taking extra special precautions in light of the Covid 19 threat to ensure that our valued clients are safe when they choose to do business with us, including offering additional sanitation measures at this time. Most of the initial process of selling jewelry, diamonds and other stones, and classic watches can now be done online or over the phone for added safety and convenience.”

Diamond Estate ensures that sellers get the best price, and get it fast. They are discreet, respectful, and very understanding. They will give a value estimate free of charge, and an initial inquiry can be made online in complete confidence. They have locations throughout the US, with their main office being in San Diego.

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About Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers

From valuable antique jewelry to large carat engagement rings, Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers (DEJB) is the best place to sell jewelry quickly for cash. Over the years, their owner and staff have built a reputation for integrity, honesty, and superior customer service. So, when they say that they are “the best place to sell jewelry,” it’s not a marketing slogan but the driving force behind how they do business.

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