Perfect Service Technician’s Perfect Timing Saves Customer’s Life

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Perfect Service Technician's Perfect Timing Saves Customer's Life

Birmingham, AL (PRUnderground) December 5th, 2022

When Joan Payne of Altoona, AL called Perfect Service to have a technician perform routine preventive maintenance on her furnace, she had no idea that the call would be anything but routine. Once technician Scott Hurst got to the home, Mrs. Payne said she’d need to reschedule the appointment because she was not feeling well. Hurst said that he knew something wasn’t right but he didn’t think that seconds later, Payne would be unconscious on the ground. Due to the location of the residence, Hurst could not get reception on his cellphone but fortunately, had the presence of mind to use the customer’s cell to call 911.

“She was breathing, but it was very shallow,” Hurst says about the customer’s condition. At some point, Payne had gotten sick, so as she lay on the floor waiting for the ambulance to arrive, Hurst busied himself cleaning the residence and trying to make her comfortable. “I don’t remember much,” Payne admitted, “but he did get me a wet rag and call my grandson for me.” Hurst says that Payne must be a popular woman because, in no time, the house was flooded with people checking to see if she was okay.

Hurst told the paramedics what he could about the event and then took off to leave them room to work. Payne eventually felt better, and also got her furnace serviced the following day. When asked if Hurst had thought much about the fact that his company’s logo is two angels and that, on the surface, it would seem he was sent there to help her exactly when she needed someone, he said he could barely get his head around that.

Payne also feels changed by the meeting. “I never had anything like that happen to me,” she said. “It’s kind of scary that I would have been alone if he wasn’t there.”

For his part, Hurst said that he was just doing what anyone would have done, but Payne says that he is downplaying what he did for her. “He’s a hero.”

When asked if she would recommend Perfect Service, Payne was emphatic. “I wouldn’t use anyone else.”

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